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    datsun B310 120y
  1. myb310

    new guy

    Hi Guys.. Finally.....i got it... Thanks for the info.. Currently juz got this 2 oic.....will upload more... coming soon...
  2. myb310

    new guy

  3. myb310

    new guy

  4. myb310

    new guy

    i have google plus account n m using iphone....how is it works?
  5. myb310

    new guy

    guys.. thnx for all the reply.. i tried so many times yet i cant attach my car's photo... any idea?? :confused:
  6. myb310

    new guy

    Hi guys.. I'm new here and just bought a Datsun B310 120Y year 1982... Its a stock car, needs some favors from u guys what should i do at the 1st stage...i mean modification... I want to lowered down the car, what is the cheapest method? n need some advice on wheel and rims too.. please help me... thank u so much.. :thumbup: Love from Malaysia

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