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  1. The Dub 411 was fun in its day.
  2. If you will go 5, surely you will go 6?
  3. Thanks to all who responded. I will most assuredly follow up with pictures(many) come Sunday if all goes to plan. Thanks again
  4. Yes, I fully realized that there are more questions than I could possibly fathom. I am a car guy, and I will be doing what you mentioned come Sunday. But generally speaking, you have answered my main interest, and that was is 5k a respectable number for a starter car. Thank you for that!
  5. So I came across a complete, unmolested, stock 1972 two door today. No rust, complete car. Everything is there including the engine, but it is not known if it even turns over, much less able to get it to run. I was given a price of 5k to take this garage kept car away. It seems a bit high, and I haven’t shopped 510’s in 10 plus years. Therefore I thought I would preach to the choir here and ask, 1. Is the market still strong for these cars? At 5k is there any flipable profit in it? I generally hate newbie questions like those above, but considering I am so far removed from
  6. Thanks Tristin, I sent him a PM. Anyone else, please PM me. Thanks all
  7. Thank you Mechanic. I was directed to Fisch, his artwork, although awesome in and of itself, is not what I am looking for. As you can imagine, my 16 year old is as ego-centric as most other 16 year olds. I am sure he would prefer a simpler design that is more personal in nature. Now myself on the other hand, I prefer the stuff I can not or will never have. Like Fisch's works.
  8. Here is another link, with the mentioned reference to RATSUN.COM and a more than capable designer here. http://www.infamousnissan.com/forum/showthread.php?t=25704
  9. I completely understand. I did not want to clutter you folks forum with things about me. I am simply looking for, as you put it, a graphic designer. However considering an introduction is recommended. Perhaps you would like to look at my project log on INFAMOUSNISSAN.COM. I do not mean any disrespect to this site by listing that board by name, but it seems better I post a link rather than posting a lot of this info here. Yes I am looking for a service. Yes I am will to purchase said service. I am not selling anything nor do I intend to sell anything. Here is the link. http://www.i
  10. Hello datsun folks. My son and I recently started a project of a 1990 Hardbody. I know not the site for them. A few of the guys over at infamousnissan.com keep saying there is a guy here on RATSUN who does good renderings. Well I want to get one done for my kids birthday in may. if you are the guy they keep aluding to, please contact me. I would be grateful. Mike
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