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  1. jobes

    Post 510's

    R0220398.jpg by jobietan, on Flickr
  2. jobes

    They call me Mello Yellow

    Quick update! No more civic seats! Aaand 3 point retractable seatbelts. seats by jobietan, on Flickr
  3. jobes

    They call me Mello Yellow

    Thanks for the struts James. She drives!!! Lower does sound good., but That front cross member will be real looow.
  4. jobes

    They call me Mello Yellow

    Interior pics are coming soon. 3 point retractable front belts are in. Rear 3 points are almost done. I'm just waiting on my wedge brackets for my seats. The stock z wheels are for sale! I need a passenger side chrome side mirror (from a 1200 or 80s 510)
  5. jobes

    They call me Mello Yellow

    Small Update: New Shoes! I haven't got a chance to drive her around too much yet, but I decided to give her some fancy new shoes! Untitled by jobietan, on Flickr
  6. Hi! I'm looking for a chrome side mirror for the 210 or 80s 510 to put on my 71 510. I've already got the driver side, I just need a clean passenger side mirror. Here is a pic I found online: http://store.shopping.yahoo.co.jp/mooneyes/dat96301u.html# Or this one: http://i37.tinypic.com/30xjsk2.jpg I am in San Mateo, CA. Feel free to email me jobietan@gmail.com Cheers! Jobie
  7. jobes

    They call me Mello Yellow

    Oh it will be enjoyed!!
  8. Hi guys! I'll be taking home Mellow Yellow (now blue!) in a few weeks and I'm shopping around for some wheels. She's on stock suspension and coilovers in the front and I believe stock suspension in the rear. I'll most likely spruce up the suspension later. I'm wondering what wheel will fit. I was aiming for a 14x7 wheel, but I don't know what offset will work. I'm looking at getting bigger brakes later, so I hear that a 15x7 wheel might be a better option. I'd like to hear my options for both 14 and 15in wheels. (Panasport maybe?) Thanks in advance for all your help! Cheers! Jobie
  9. jobes

    They call me Mello Yellow

    Thanks for the photos!!
  10. jobes

    They call me Mello Yellow

    Yes, I picked the color. Pretty pumped!
  11. jobes

    They call me Mello Yellow

    Great to meet you James! I can't wait to bring it home!

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