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  1. DatB210

    I just bought a 3d printer

    I'm gonna need one of these!
  2. DatB210

    My 75 Datsun B210 project

    I haven't posted in a while, but I haven't done much. So here's a bunch or random pics of what Iv'e done and other stuff. Got it ready for primer. Here's this... And bad news on trying to figure out the stock paint color... Yesterday, we got a couple layers of primer on. Then filled in the some minor defects and added a few more layers of primer. Not the best work, but ehh. It's a ratsun. More pics soon.
  3. DatB210

    My 75 Datsun B210 project

    Yea I'm gonna go with the same green paint.
  4. DatB210

    My 75 Datsun B210 project

    I've noticed, but I wanted to keep that classic look. Maybe I'll eventually shove in some nice bucket seats in it.
  5. DatB210

    My 75 Datsun B210 project

    I took my old seats to get upholstered earlier this week. Didn't remember to get a pic of the front seats though. I got them back today. They're fairly decent.,
  6. DatB210

    My 75 Datsun B210 project

    I got a 1975 B210 this January. I's my first project car. It runs and it isn't in that bad of a condition. (few small dents) The engine is stock but dirty... I took it home some time early January It's alive! First Thing, I got front the seats out. Then back seats... More stripping... Cleaned up a bit... Bit of rust in the back... Got dash off... (couldn't get cap off) Then I got hood and grill off. (also chrome strips but didn't get pics) Got hatch and tail lights off. ( Started getting some of the bumps out... Got the bumpers off and Started adding some filler... Sanded parts and but the hood and hatch back... Not bad so far... I'll keep you guys updated.

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