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  1. jrdat

    rare/jdm parts service

    Can you get a 620 dash right hand drive?
  2. jrdat

    E1 distributor part

    Thanks, A friend found one.
  3. jrdat

    E1 distributor part

    There is and its in the picture. I need one of these.
  4. jrdat

    E1 distributor part

    I don't think so. E1 is a engine.El Dizzy I think is a electronic module that can replace points in the distributor.
  5. jrdat

    E1 distributor part

    Is there a plate that goes between the distributor clamp and the block.
  6. jrdat

    e1 starter needed

    I found a used one.
  7. jrdat

    e1 starter needed

    The gods can remove one if they choose
  8. jrdat

    e1 starter needed

    Looking for e1 starter. Came on 1200cc
  9. jrdat

    320 truck windshields and windshield gaskets

    Thanks Wayne for going half way to meet and get the new glass. It looks great, now I can build the truck around it.
  10. jrdat

    320 truck windshields and windshield gaskets

    When do you need money?
  11. jrdat

    other forums

  12. jrdat

    other forums

    I could have bet on your first response.
  13. jrdat

    other forums

    Is there a toyota or mazda forum like this.
  14. jrdat

    Anyone want to buy new 320 vent window rubbers?

    I would need one set.

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