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  1. Those wheels were also found on the "designer series", I bought a bunch of the sets at Kmart on clearance in 2009 or so. WIP
  2. Ha, here there are only junkyards in areas where crops won't grow, typically wherever it's sandy. This yard backs up to a forest. This is another interesting find in this yard last year...
  3. NW Ohio, that yard is between Toledo and Detroit. There is a midget and a turbo impulse on either side of that. It's a cool yard
  4. Out looking for a fan shroud for a 190e and some e34 interior bits and came across this in the back forty. 5spd was still in it which was much wanted in my 1200 days, not so sure about now.
  5. Good finds this morning, most of my main collection is Dodge A100, 83 Silverado, RLC/HWC and Vintage Race Cars and errors. I have 35,000 hot wheels. Meijer Find Nice wrong wheel find, also meijer And a wrong size wheel at Walmart
  6. Lots of time to go from left to right, I may finish it this year.
  7. Never seen it driving but it is sitting there most days that are nice, my buddy said it is parked in the garage under his apartment. It was rebuilt from a wreck. Looks good.
  8. Picked a short card hover mode today, grabbed the adult line version last week. Did anyone snag the HWC 2000GT? It looks a little weak in person, not up to the standards of the HWC BRE cars.
  9. Dang, that looks great! Glad it hopped over to you; I had heard it was cut up.
  10. I didn't know this thread was here or My visits to ratsun would have been longer...
  11. I can't believe it but I still have these.
  12. Haha, I am open to aftermarket wheel trades also... although I only have 4x100, 5x112 and 5x130 cars right now.
  13. I bought my other seats so these need to go... any reasonable offer will bee accepted!
  14. I will be in San Diego in a week and if paid for can bring with me...
  15. BTT, price has been lowered to put these in someones wheel well...
  16. Someones got to need these..I need some Recaros...
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