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  1. It's a 2000, now have a 69 datsun 2000 and a 67 triumph 2000. Looking for any others? Haha
  2. It would be nice to go junkyarding, it's 4degrees here today.
  3. I still have a few Historics Goons, pm me an offer shipped with your zip code. I ordered cases of them for wheel donors so I have some extras....
  4. Fairlady / Roadster is out again in the C cases so there should be plenty around.
  5. This was dead sexy in the flesh, not usually my cup of tea but... It lives at the Gilmore Museum along with plenty of other awesomeness.
  6. Crap, just saw this on another forum but they were all getting flattened today to make room for something "new" Just cause it is a good where's Waldo shot
  7. The roadster is bad! My first attempt came out OK (on one side)...
  8. They look pretty good right at the body break as well Easier with rivet on fenders lol.
  9. There are some really sweet M2 also And after I slammed that one I like 60's vans
  10. Sorry, not a Datsun. I'm trying to complete my Dodge A100 1:50 scale collection and this thing popped up on one of my searchs. If you come across one please keep me in mind, as far as I can tell I'm the only person still trying to track them down (ever since 2008). Can't show you a carded pic since I can't find one but here is the E-Sheet provided by the graphics designer. Until tonight I believed (as do most others) that only the Silver, Red flamed and Racing Team versions were made in 2008 and the Orange with silver stripe was made in 2009 before production was cut due to no sales of the 1:50 line. Thanks Gents
  11. Nice that they are reasonable still, hope they don't go through the stratosphere! Found a super nitro doorslammer this morning, there were four cases sitting in front of the empty shelves at Meijer so I racked them and found two errors (woot) and the Super TH
  12. BTW: hot wheels said the color is wrong on this, it will be lighter closer to the mainline "race team" cars but spectraflame over polished body. Gonna be sharp
  13. Not a Datsun but Found this well played with Playart Toyota Crown MKII at a junk shop; $3 for five crappy cars but I really wanted this one. Pulled it apart to clean it up; Windows disentegated unfortunately but I went ahead. Tried a couple styles of wheels but settled in the Advan style from Japanese Nostalgic RX2. Stripped the paint off and cleaned up a couple body lines. It's assembled a bit differently than a hot wheels but I shot the grill and rear panel in "chrome". Then painted the body in a smooth dark red. Looks brighter there^ but it's darker. Assembled loosely to check figment with the axles raised and it's spot on! Once the paint cures I'll stripe it, detail it and screw it together. Not shabby!
  14. I bought out a dealership parts department ten or twelve years ago, must have had a Datsun history. I was cleaning and these stickers unearthed themselves, I'd forgotten about them!
  15. Ha, http://m.ebay.com/itm/Hot-Wheels-HWC-BRE-Set-Datsun-240Z-And-Bluebird-510-/291698141132?nav=SEARCH That might buy me A tire for the corvette lol.
  16. If you are in the market for the HWC BRE 240z and 510 I just put one of my sets up on eBay. I can't believe they are "worth" that but hard to get the pair in one place.
  17. Found the white 620s this morning, the whole shipper...every blister pack is taped shut. Unsightly to have scotch tape affixing the truck to the card.
  18. Those seats are also in the e39 5 series, I had them In my 528 touring with adjustable extensions. Nice seats.
  19. Something else in OTR trucks is the use of wet liners. If you look at how cavitation happens and what speeds up the deterioration of the liner you would be happy to use one ON THAT STYLE of engine. On a non liner block all you are picking up is little bits of left over crap that would be pushed out with a flush. Edit: not all diesels use wet liners; Cat, Detroit, Mack, large Mercedes, volvo, some international, and Large Cummins and some fords do.
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