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  1. That went well, have you read what the PA health department put on their website about orgies during a pandemic? Insanity. this is Pats department of course
  2. man, this is why I quit all the forums after the PB debacle. Thank you!
  3. Yeah, minilite style. Not sure what they were made for but late 70-early 80’s vintage. I planned to build a dajiban but have waaaayy to many projects as it is haha Ad elsewhere
  4. Don’t come around here as often anymore but I have a set of Carroll Shelby Anacondas in 15x7 5x5.5 that would look bad ass on there....
  5. I ended Up ebaying them; rlc BRE 510 went for 564.75, rlc BRE 240 went for 156.90. That’s stout money for a ten dollar piece.
  6. The pair is a bre 510 and a bre 240, didn’t make that very clear
  7. I got a couple memberships, nice looking casting! As an aside, I have a one spare pair of BRE RLC Datsuns; $400 in the US. It’s a lot but seems to be going rate and it’ll help me cover my transmission haha.
  8. I remember that Car from Sport Compact, sad to see it like that.
  9. The story on the 240 is that it was a RLC exclusive but made it on the Hobby order forms so lots of hobby shops ordered it and now... it isn’t an exclusive anymore. Anyone need the 240 super still?
  10. I lived in Bourbonnais from 1997 to 2006, nice town. What’s the attraction there for you?
  11. Found some more MB rally's and got some RLC 510s coming.
  12. Found the matchbox 510 and Nissan Junior yesterday, if you are on HWC they are sneaking the Car Culture Japanese Nostalgic 2018 set and it is going to be awesome.
  13. I didn't know there was a new color out til I opened the box
  14. I love those "How To Keep Your xx Alive" manuals! Thanks for your hard work!
  15. Probably leave this one full height, will probably loose the flares as well and put some smaller wheels on....stockish. I have some wheels off a Dino that will look a bit like mine.
  16. This is as far as I've made it, to cold in the garage...
  17. I've only found the green one in 10 packs, still none on a card... Edit: also, in the 10 packs some of the green 2000s have the MC5 wheels off the yellow version and some have the new steelies that should be on the carded version.
  18. Walmart has a Rewards program where you can get a free car (this year will be the 4x4 BTTF Toyota) for buying hot wheels; no card backs no paying for shipping. As an aside, a number Of people who ordered the mail-in 510 early received boxes of Walmart Toyotas instead which would be a bit frustrating!
  19. Joined in 2008, I believe there was a blurb in Retro Car magazine that turned me on to it. I had a GT5 1200 at the time so I was looking for some engine knowledge.
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