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  1. Uggh, that strut tower is exactly why I got out of Caddy’s. I’ve half cut so many that the fun went out of it.
  2. It works, I’ve done it successfully a few times and if you watch the results on BAT/eBay/Mecum you’ll see the same cars regurgitating through.
  3. Dang, came here to post that after stealing it from RR lol.
  4. I grew up on YSR50’s they were so much fun pre-drivers license.
  5. Hmm, well that escalated quickly. Who decides what is ok and what’s not? You? VP Harris? That’s what the real issue is, what is ok for me might not be for someone else but if the government decides than there will be issues like this one.
  6. Not sure if serious; but, no you can’t hold a seller responsible for the actions of a buyer. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.clickorlando.com/news/2017/04/05/melbourne-man-kills-roommate-with-wooden-elephant-statue-police-say/%3foutputType=amp What people choose to do with something is all on them.
  7. And the obvious reason there is a microchip shortage. edit: sorry should have had an “lol” at the end of that sentence since none of you actually know me.
  8. Watch the “diesel oil has more zinc” thing, current diesel oil has very little zinc since they added cats to those engines ten years ago or so. CK-4 formulation doesn’t have it.
  9. I saw this van, it’s in the AACA museum in Hershey PA.
  10. Been jamming to a ton of Taking back Sunday, Emery and Thrice. Not sure why I regressed fifteen years but that’s where I am.
  11. All of mine came Thursday. It’s a beaut.
  12. Stashing cash? What I’m seeing is people spending with abandon and not worrying about “when the rent comes due”. I’m actually worried that we are heading directly into another housing and fuel driven recession. Maybe I’m wrong.
  13. This hasn’t been true in a long while, diesel does cost to produce now. Also, working for a pretty major truck stop brand I will say that; yes, at times we sell for a loss. As long as you keep buying Mt Dew and Starburst in the store we can afford to do that.
  14. The best speeding ticket I’ve ever received was in my 81 voyager (when Plymouth marketed full size vans), 115 in a 65. Speedo only went to 85 but I knew I was going faster than that haha
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