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  1. Thanks great info, this problem is on my bagged truck I guess I was driving around to much with the ass end on the ground :D The rubber is still partially there but there is alot of play in the drive shaft. I have no leaf springs its a 4 link suspension. Could most the play be from me having the car on jack stands and the rear axle moving around
  2. Ok so my question is, are the Center Support Bearings different from the 2wd trucks to the 4wd trucks or are they the same part? Thanks guys.
  3. Some update pics, New hood, grill, and front valance and my wheels came :thumbup:
  4. ryanw1

    1985 720 ST help.

    I also have an auto and it is much much slower than my 5 speed, But I dont have these "flat spots".
  5. ryanw1

    Help steering wheel

    Do you like it? Not cheep quality?
  6. ryanw1

    Help steering wheel

    Is this a direct fit for the 720 or do I need to buy the 3 bolt adapter also. Reason I am asking is because the 3 bolt kit has a bunch of pieces and the 5 bolt kit looks like one piece. http://www.summitracing.com/parts/grt-5592/overview/model/720
  7. I got the hole console but its missing trim for the 2 gages I will just fab somthing up. Also try this think might wanna change ur year and what no but its a brand new part http://www.nissanpartszone.com/Page_Product/PartDetail.aspx?ModelName=720%20Pickup&ModelYear=1985&ModelSeries=720&FileType=236&SelectConditions=%281%3dT%3b2%3dZ24%3b3%3dSTD%3b4%3dF5%3b5%3dREG%3b6%3d2WD%3b7%3dCAL%3b%29&ShowConditions=%281%3dT%3b2%3dZ24%3b3%3dSTD%3b4%3dF5%3b5%3dREG%3b6%3d2WD%3b7%3dCAL%3b%29&seeDesc=False&goBack=True&SectionNo=N&ComponentsNo=969
  8. Not a 720 but still a Nissan its a 95 xe with 23000
  9. New headlights putting on new grill front valance and a hood. Also have a door lock and the plastic peice on the window post
  10. i pulled one outta a junkyard for 10 bucks idk if thats been decussed I didnt read much
  11. ryanw1

    Good Carb

    On redlines site I dont see any prices or how to order? Do you have to call them to order or can I do it all online?
  12. ryanw1

    Good Carb

    so the K 646 would work best? the motor is stock
  13. Good idea lol, just a lil confused about the offset. I need to take those jeep wheels off and see if there offset at all. Because when I drop the rear I can fit one card between the tire and finder.
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