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  1. The VQ is indeed much bigger, I would be surprised if one would fit in a gt after 1st hand experiencing how hard it is to shoe horn into a z or s chassis. I wasn't comparing the GT to anything really though I would disagree with the class system your using lol. The 510 is in grocery getter class...I would call that comparison apples and oranges. Which makes a good point about the gts lack of performance. Datsuns grocery getter has a way better suspension then opels gt sports car. The Gt is faster to 60mph but 0-60 in 10.6 seconds is nothing to be proud about. Road and track even found it to
  2. Me... I wouldnt want one. They are like models, they photograph well but in person they are all out of proportion. Aftermarket support sucks, hell most parts availability sucks as does their performance out of the box and the high cost of them doesnt even reflect that... Thats how I feel anyway lol
  3. I think any datsun sold on the east coast, the NE in particular, sells for a good 30%+ higher then actual market value. You can find deals, esp out in PA or up in Maine but still overall much higher.
  4. I never liked them but the blue ones looks nice.
  5. Here on the east coast datsuns were made with gold lol
  6. I think the new members that come in properly get a pretty nice welcome. How hard is it to introduce and post a pic of a datsun?
  7. Ya besides the wheels lol Just saying 3 pages, his hearts with nissan by all I see are yodas and hondas...
  8. Well you should have, 15 threads on the same topic is lazy and counter productive
  9. Ya they def were, thats the cost of running a company by heart and not finance lol. I wish they had found a middle ground though, the french turned nissan sterile.
  10. Awesome vid, I agree once seeing that french fuck post 98 its takes a down turn but there is still hope in what the future holds :-)
  11. Ya its trending there and here right now actually, lots of forums have write ups. Those front wheels looks like fan clutches to me, interesting.
  12. It doesnt make much of a difference once your both passed middle age or so but if you dont see a difference between 19 and 27 Idk what to say lol... To each their own though I guess.
  13. The vg30e is tricky, all of the ones used by Nissan are interference but to varying degrees. The ones bought to be used domestically (Mercury) were actually altered to not be interference. Its not impossible that the belt can go and engine still be derivable though if it turned over at all on a Nissan version odds are excellent that comp was dropped or lost in one or more cylinders.
  14. You cheated and looked!!! lol Prob should have guess better from the passenger exhaust DP.
  15. I bet just for fun turbo I6
  16. Very respectable time man, specs?
  17. Wow no one with the wrong wheel drive stuff? lol I always like the SER's, they represent a good value these days too. Yours looks pretty clean. Personally at some point I would vinyl wrap it, cops just love pulling over yellow cars. I was thinking of getting this one for my wife recently, what a deal I could prob get the kid to 2500. http://southjersey.en.craigslist.org/cto/4243858898.html
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