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  1. There is a happy medium between a straight and mach nonsense. I use a safety razor, using good quality Japanese razors the whole years costs like 10 dollars. As mentioned the pre/soap/post treatments are wayyy better for your face. I use col. conks shave soap, aubrey organic after shave and natural grooming post shave lotion. There is no comparison to the more common mach 15 and shaving cream method. You most def need to respect either the straight or safety razor method though. Using no prep, regular shaving cream, improper technique can really mulch up your face.
  2. There are in the last few pics but I honestly doubt they will seal. Nor will the ones on the side screwed to the body. Say nothing for the 15 joints on there using that tubing which is not designed to seal water tight using no hub clamps lol. It does look pretty awesome though
  3. I think it looks really good as is. Have to agree with where I think wayno is going though lol, its not going to be functional. Unless sealed up WAY better anyway.
  4. 72240z

    VG33 help.

    I honestly dont know what your problem with the plugs are. Use 2 yokes and 1 short and 1 long extension, if you cant manage it then remove the mani. Plugs shouldnt be causing your issue anyway. I would check and clean all your grounds as well as remove clean and re-install the aac-iacv. The engine is an all round good performer. It doesnt really excel in any field so much as just do everything well enough. They built that particular one as they did because its a truck motor and the longer runner are better for low end tq.
  5. Shes really cute and really young. Like maybe jail bait young looking at her face. Is it me or do some of those pics look like they are taken at a place of business? lol The 1st pic above looks like it has a closed sign in the window and there is an ice machine, card machine and commercial sink...
  6. Top right corner, the open envelope icon > compose new
  7. The Alum LSx's are actually lighter then the stock L24... Iron depends on the casting, there are some shockingly light iron block v8's out there. Not lighter then an l24 but comperable.
  8. Syncing the carbs generally refers mechanical linkage AND flow, just doing the linkage still leaves the carbs out of sync. I guarantee if you use a carb synch tool they will all be flowing differently even though the linkages are all set the same. Mainly due to differences in the butterfly's/casting/machining/bent shafts etc.. What your doing here is a great start but the next step is to have the cleaners off and actually synch the flow using one of these... Cool project btw Idk if I have chimed in before but I have been subscribed for a long time now.
  9. Actually it depends which L28 your talking about. The N42 block from a 280z uses dished pistons stock and with either the N47 or N42 heads compression is only about 8.2, which is just fine for boost. Event he flat top F54 block and P79 head only yields 8.5-8.8 compression. You can drop a turbo head on the flat top block with a HKS head gasket and have compression under 8 if inclined. I'll prob just toss a P90 on my F54 flat top with a felpro and head studs and call it a day, under 9:1 is fine. Anyway back on task I thought the comp for a 620 L20b was like 8.3-8.5 ish? Thats good for boost im
  10. Its a tricky thing to say how well its going to hold up when you compare with a l28et. It doesn't use forged or coated pistons and can reliably with no fmic or alc take 10 lbs of boost. That is with EFI though so the chances of issues are def lower. Besides the cross/mis fire issue mentioned I would be concerned with running lean and melting a piston or detonating and shattering rings. Also cylinder wash and premature wear could be an issue too depending on the set up. Whatever boost you choose your going to have to go the extra mile to keep it all reliable. Your end goals are going to dicta
  11. I personally dont like any cosmetic surgery unless its to fix some birth defect like a cleft pallet or something. People should learn to be happy in their own skin and stop being brainwashed into what looks good or not by the main stream.
  12. I found it pretty accurate, did it a couple weeks ago and I got Yonkers, Newark and something else but all 3 were within a couple miles of where I live.
  13. Post w/e tits you want man. Everyone has their preferences...
  14. Its pretty easy to just go around saying I saw one sell for this without actually showing an ad lol. Here is a recent sale on ebay for 5k, its clean, complete and running. Thats 5k on ebay too, minus fees and what not its more like $4500. http://www.ebay.com/itm/1964-Datsun-NL320-Pickup-/231117227323?item=231117227323&forcerrptr=true&pt=US_Cars_Trucks&hash=item35cfa9053b&nma=true&si=5yevDkYxlOouehP7m3eKnpmURDs%253D&orig_cvip=true&rt=nc&_trksid=p2047675.l2557 Here is a 10k example, its completely restored and so perfect I wouldnt even want to drive it arou
  15. There are actually very few subways in japan, its mostly all above ground and they all use them. I tried taking one but I was so sick from the jet jag I quit and ordered it on amazon jp lmfao
  16. Well its an awesome design, long tube runners for better tq packed into a compact intake manifold... cant loose I can see that. Chevy did it first, but now everyone seems to be making them in that style...
  17. Well this sure is something... I read his post int he gun thread and just assumed he would crawl back under the rock but I guess not lol.
  18. Ya LSD isn't magic, a bias is going to be there no matter what. I used to like the pulsar Nx, always wanted a sportbak lol.
  19. You wouldnt be copying so much as following a trend. SOOOOOO many people rock tsurikawa's.
  20. From the angle of the 1st pic it does look like the ls intake a little bit. One of my fav stangs, which is a short list lol. Looks kind of like a r32 in some pics.
  21. Talk about shoe horning lol Yoda-wise I think a Beams 3S-GE or GTE and 6 speed from the Altezza would be perfect. Though my pick would be 3 rotor :-X
  22. More potential? Talk about a subjective statement lol. Also still no datsun and all this talk of hondas? Lock this shit already
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