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  1. She looks like she would like it... Def a choker lol
  2. Pic of the bay? Awesome car man
  3. Here is one of the one I made for reference :-)
  4. She's on a very short list of women I say would look hot head shaved
  5. I dont care if your disabled honestly. Your rambling on about nonsense and making yourself look bad. You want to keep down that path then it's on you. Just dont have your panties in a bunch when people call you on it...
  6. Jesus christ man, you have way too much time on your hands. Your literally posting back and forth between there and here about the same bullshit you started with some guy selling a grill. Thats after 50 posts on the zforce thread even though you've never ordered anything from him. Just turn your computer off the a while and have a nap...
  7. Let the ignorance flow through you....
  8. Correct response Incorrect response
  9. Ya your right, that wasn't a suck fest at all lol...
  10. super suck 2014 lol most of you guys must be pretty happy
  11. How does it not make sense? They sell suspensions so stiff a person could ( and have) blown struts right through the hood. Slicks that if a person tried to run in the wet would be useless. Differentials so aggressive they seem to serve no purpose but to loose traction etc... They sell parts to suite a need. A track s30 with a adjustable, stronger TC rod and poly bushings makes sense. A person installing all poly bushings on their street car to be coolzors and snapping a stock TC rod is what makes no sense.
  12. If you use poly on the tc rods its going to work out with one breaking lol. That ones not preference its a must. Google it and you will see it is common place and knowledge people cannot run poly on the tc.
  13. All 4 can just be replaced with inserts and then the oil is just for heat transfer. ATF is def good for that task. Idk about all datsun but I know for the Z a nice balance can be had for using poly in some and rubber for others. As mike is saying for the TC rods you need to use rubber, but for things like sway bars I prefer poly. For the suspension hats, rubber, but for the diff mustache bar poly. With a stock driveline its best to keep rubber on the engine, trans and dif mounts because poly makes the whole car shake like crazy but with a build or more modern driveline poly can be used. Blah
  14. It's in my backyard I will be happy when it's over and all these idiots crawl back under their rocks.
  15. Ya his reserve was prob more like 6k. I just found it really amusing it ended right at what I offered a month ago...
  16. lol ya even more so when she turns around and has a big ol gut hanging
  17. Auction ended at $4050.00, who could have guessed? :rofl:
  18. I have been betting on how quickly certain things will go from facebook to ratsun lol, I got the under on this one. Pretty awesome engine, lets see how it performs though. The biggest part of Le Mans is endurance.
  19. All the pictures besides the ones he advised lol. His point is you need to show the truck more for your asking. The pics that are there are crap quality to boot...
  20. Looks hacky to me, too busy, trying too hard etc... It will do what they want though which is garner attention and feedback. From concept to production they would change a ton of stuff.
  21. You know Japan is more then just Tokyo right? Once again... There are very few subways in Japan, most are above ground trains. Tokyo and Osaka have a lot of subways but they make up a small portion overall. To keep on task I'm going to post this one again because I like it.
  22. I.P. comes back as DC, prob a proxy
  23. Its pretty sad how many people come here drunk just to gripe and stir shit up. Get a life, this is just a car forum...

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