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  1. bleach had a very similar zxt and sold it in 11, is that the one your thinking?
  2. Should hope so since he stated it was double that lol
  3. If you google her tag it shows she was fat at one point and dropped a bunch of weight.
  4. You only ever do it once though lol I havent touched my fender mirrors since the day I installed them.
  5. if its wheel its close to right thats true. If its engine its way low. 15psi is about 260hp at the flywheel normally (stock head/cam). I'm porting my head I hope to make 300 at that psi.
  6. Any alteration voids a warranty, how can a company warranty a product after its been changed? Definitely something to keep in mind though if a person plants to return headers after 50k miles...
  7. Cool car, 16yo? Thats explains some things lol. Have you dyno'd the car? You should be making more power then that at 12lbs.
  8. They are period correct in the Japanese domestic market. They came with power fender mirrors if I'm not mistaken.
  9. I have been wrapping my headers as long as I have been using them. Under hood temps drop drastically in all cases. Every time I made sure the headers were were ceramic coated and wrapped properly, i.e. even overlapping, even distribution etc... and not once has a set failed on me. My current Z has had them 2 years, my d21 had them 2 years under heavy abuse, my z32 had them when I bought the car for 2 years already and they went another 2 years until the car was stolen. While I was a mechanic I wrapped many many headers, never a single complaint. Thats not to say the caution isnt warranted
  10. No worries man, welcome. Try searching prior to posting in the future, these threads usually turn into a shit show. Start a build thread, let people see what your working with.
  11. Well before this even progresses you dont have headers you have a cast iron exhaust manifold. Cast Iron exhaust manifolds should not be wrapped, it leads to cracking. As far as headers if they are properly sealed then wrapping is good and very effective. If not then the constant moisture/heat/cold cycles will destroy them over time.
  12. She claims shes 18 and thats all that counts lol
  13. Women's volleyball is the best sport ever lol
  14. Now we're getting somewhere lol
  15. There was a s30 with a ford show driveline mounted in back years ago but I haven't been able to find it for some time now. I dont really see the point of a boxer for an s30 mid engine application. There would most definitely be fitment issues. The northstar swap for fieros is pretty cool. considering the weight distribution issue with having 5ft of empty hood I would go with dual motor lol. Now that would be nasty...
  16. It was over 50 degrees today so I couldnt resist unwrapping my present lol. My friend has my engine hoist AND my dolly so I had not choice but to break the engine down in the back of my truck so I could get it out of there, good times... Looks like a 80-120k mile motor to me, original, Nissan HG. Pretty clean, no sludge. a little carbon build up and generic bs plugs but not bad looking some more carbon build up on the piston but excellent cross hatching. All in all a good buy imho. Still trying to decide how far to take the head, I have some nismo alum spring retainers for the lo
  17. So finally an update. Most of you know the winter we have been having. Coupled with getting a job that has me traveling the country doing clinical IT has left this project a little stagnant. Then out of left field I found an ebay auction for an oldschool draw through turbo set up and decided it would be a nice easy step while I plan bigger build plans in the future. It's also comparable in price so once again I can almost break even selling one bunch of parts for another. Those are my favorite lol. I'm kind of counting my eggs before they hatch here as I haven not eceived this yet. Its paid
  18. Just won a dcoe draw through turbo set up on ebay lol madness...

  19. Quite a few people have done this know but still no write ups, kits etc... damn shame.
  20. Awesome work man, keep it up :thumbup:
  21. Damn man, thanks for the kind words :-)
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