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  1. I am happy actually. Between this and your ridiculous rant about Texas you have made yourself out to be quite a person indeed. I am happy that as extreme and ass backwards your opinions are, it really doesn't matter. You bitter, ignorant, ultra right wing extremists can twist and turn and run your mouths all you like, you have no power. So I'm going to sit and smile with the biggest grin (sporting all of my teeth) anyone ever saw..... for EIGHT long years to come. Enjoy. Best of luck to you, you certainly need it.
  2. You and CNN share that in common then. If Newark is that bad to you then next time your GF tells you to "Kiss her where it stinks" Just save yourself the 30hour drive and take a dip between her legs. Everyone happier that way.
  3. Ya it's definitely easier to just mod then tb. With the cable though you eliminate 2 pivot points having to do with the throttle (Which I like to think improves response and sensibility) and it cleans up the mani as well. Hoke shaved his and welded the tabs but the mani has tapped holes already, could just use L brackets. To each their own, engine looks good as is. Just throwing it out there.
  4. Thank you for the welcome. I have been hunting for a donor 280zxt for a long time now :-/. Lately though I think I would be just as happy building a itb high comp L just for fun. W/E screaming deal comes my way 1st I guess lol.
  5. Hahaha it sits like an amc eagle doesn't it? lol I left the coil overs I welded as far up as possible so i can get under easily, without breaking the jack out. The fenders are already cut for the zg flares and there is no drive train. Hoping when I add the next 600 or so lbs and drop the coil overs, bolt on the flares it will settle right in, hoping....
  6. Hey now a New Jersey joke, how original and on topic. The correct joke off the Tshirt that George Carlin made famous is... "Kiss her where it smells, take her to New Jersey." My favorite was always "I caught crabs at the Jersey shore" lol Newark doesn't smell either, Elizabeth smells because it refines/produces most of the tri state areas gasoline. One of the reasons we pay less for our gas then ANYWHERE in the country, according to cnn. I guess living on the sun is better in some ways, but I'll never know.
  7. Thank you, maybe one day I'll get to drive one haha.
  8. Ya the 2000 is a vt barn find, I was going to restore it but, plans have changed. Last inspection/reg was 81 lol.
  9. If your inclined to ever clean it up and not have to mess with the TB linkage you can use this mod. I personally like it WAY more then the stock linkage, even the geometry makes more sense.
  10. Ya idk the previous home owner was a nut for marble. I looks nice and all but outside its just another way to fall down and crack your head open. You can see in the pic of the d21 its even in the driveway, the woman who rents upstairs fell down and broke her leg a couple years back. As if doing the work outside wasn't enough, slip sliding to boot.
  11. Fine I caved lol. Still though the myspace album shows the work I have done to the s30.
  12. I tried both linking and posting pics hosted on myspace and neither worked. Feel free to just go look because now I'm way to frustrated to rehost my pics just to repost them lol. myspace.com/jason110 albums 240z and max, I keep the rdster in a pvt album because I plan to sell it soon, if I can figure out later whats going wrong with me posting pics I will post some of it.
  13. Just wanted to introduce myself and say hello. Name is Jason, I'm 25 and live in north Jersey about 5min from nyc. I have a 72 240z with no drive train, 68 roadster 2000 I plan to soon sell and a 89 king cab v6 d21. I seem to have always been going the ratsun rt but never got into this forum for some reason. My d21 is flat black on muders, the s30 is john deere blitz black lol. Color aside the attributes go on and on but I won't. Alright, tty all later.
  14. Oh come on it's not that bad. Why hasn't anyone jumped on this one? http://maine.craigslist.org/cto/934109730.html $250 down from $300, up for a month now. Someone could nab that for $150-200 cash easily. If my hard body didn't have some idle prob I can't seem to solve, it would be me buying it.
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