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  1. Ya I have used JB a ton of times in constant fuel contact repairs, like gas tanks and outlet/inlet bungs. Held up fine for years.
  2. Those are all good ideas too. Brazing with Alumiweld rods (or similar) may be a pita on that part I thought looking at the condition. There is enough room for clearance with an L but it cant be a big lazy chunk. Another option is to just tape out a form and fill it with jb weld then drill it for the pin. I have done that with some small pieces over the years with good success, just need to make sure everything is roughed up real good and maybe drill/cast in an internal pin for rigidity. Just buying a new lid is by far the easiest but I figured bonvo was on a budget.
  3. JB weld that fucker with some reinforcement, its a low tension area, should hold up fine. I would fab up a small L that runs the full length and liberally jb it along with the regular piece. Could be tig'd too but JB is quick and cheap. 40 is fine on a stock motor, if you did some support mods duals would give you a better gain then a larger single. One of the biggest bonuses of flow is eliminated when a single is used on multiple ports.
  4. Britain is an Island, so no its just Britain or Great Britain. Britain is a part of? You guessed it, The United Kingdom.
  5. Every example there using "the" is a group of smaller municipalities/governments etc... The Soviet Union was a union of countries, The United states is a group of states, The United Kingdom is again a group of countries... Ukraine is just Ukraine and America is just America. Get it?
  6. May is plenty of time eh clive? lol Get er done!
  7. He's french I think the 1600 valve covers are the best looking stock L series valve cover ever made. They have such class to them due to the font and extra lines. I wish they made an L6 valve cover in the same style :-/. I'm hoping to pick up a kakimoto valve cover while in Japan. If I cant maybe I'll do an art themed cover. This is mine atm.
  8. 72240z

    1970 240z

    Wait. you eliminated the intercooler? Also, you really like plumbing fittings eh? lol
  9. Because in their culture big tits don't rule all lol. No need to fake it... Koreans though for example LOVE plastic surgery, they get is a HS graduation present even. Face and mono-lid correction is the most common. Over 30% of the youth has work done, thats a scary figure.
  10. Thank you Micro, I appreciate the kind words.
  11. I think the hood looks good, I was going to do one a similar way but just never did lol.
  12. Got some more work done before I leave again for work. Broke down the whole kit because after finding some sketch stuff I just didnt trust it. Right off the bad found some home owner nonsense. Using cork/rubber/permatex and smooshing it in really hurts flow so this is pretty bad. This is what prompted me to break everything down and really check it all Which after some prodding turned into this The metal is so thin it was really hard to weld, I blew through in multiple areas and had to build it up and grind it down. This is the kind of exhaust that wrapping will destroy asap. I was
  13. Idk how you can say nothing gets done in your threads! Looking good
  14. Thanks Blue :-) Tons of stuff gets done on your threads you just have more of them lol. Matter of fact your thread is what motivated me to actually do head work. My original plan was to just try and slap this together before I leave for Japan in April.
  15. I was able to get some more work done today. Removed the vavles and cleaned everything up a little bit more. Turbo blanket came in, checked fitment. The seats arent too bad but I'm glad I decided to lap them. You can definitely see where the room for improvement is in the bowls. Nice and clean, ready to port though my bits arent here yet so thats going to have to wait I guess... I have the alum retainers from the bre cam kit and a brand new set of nismo ones. I am torn on which to use, seems like a waste to use the brand new nismo ones lol. So tomorrow I'm going to do som
  16. ...and for that, we thank you
  17. You can just tig a nut where the casting broke. Would be much better then just leaving one bolt. I would be concerned with sucking air but also the constant vibration, heat/cold etc... loosening the one bolt up over time.
  18. Which thread was that? I saw it in pics of your engine bay but if there an actual thread on the build?
  19. Its for people with taste to show off a paycheck...
  20. Haha cool, you know I have 6 of them lined up too just sitting in my garage. Which carbs are those in your pic? What are your plans to implement them? I see they sell dcoe plates, Im thinking with mine I can space them out a bit and just press fit them into a plate and call it a day.
  21. It was another nice weekend so I did some more work. I'm kind of limited since I have like 20 parts/tools on order but I did what I could. Friday I picked up some cleaning stuff and soaked the head in a bag of simple green so I could clean it up on saturday. It's a pretty straight forward method... Here is a clean up sample using just a toothbrush. Pretty dirty head to start with, maybe I would have been better off paying a shop the couple bucks to hot tank it but idk. I hate paying for anything I can do myself... Here the head mostly done cleaning stacked with the other stuff. I cant re
  22. Wow, thank you so much for the kind words man! Means a lot to me for sure.
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