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  1. Leaving for Japan in the morning!

    1. jvb5577


      Bring back some Datsuns!


    2. freetheoranges


      A shipping container full!


  2. Just won a dcoe draw through turbo set up on ebay lol madness...

  3. Its pretty sad how many people come here drunk just to gripe and stir shit up. Get a life, this is just a car forum...

  4. 420 rep, that calls for a... ;-)


  6. Maintenance prevents problems lol thats all ima say

    1. tdaaj


      Moat of the time

    2. 72240z


      Yep sometimes shit just goes :-/

    3. tdaaj
  7. Leno came and complained!

    1. Wormdrive66


      He's just mad because Jimmy took his job.

  8. Body work is officially done!!! let the whoring begin lol

  9. I dont want to wrap anymore!!!! lol ugh

    1. I'm BLUE

      I'm BLUE

      rap yoyyoyoyoyoyoyoyoyoyoyoyoyoyoyoyoyoyooyyoyoyoyyoyoyoyo bangbangbangbangbangbangbangbang yoyoyoyoyoyyoyoyoyyloudnoises....

    2. MicroMachinery


      munny munny hoes hoes gangsta what what

    3. Kirden


      um... I'm going back to hello kitty online... Ganstas scare me.

  10. I want to be driving my z so bad!!! stupid while your at it body work!

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    2. r0p0doe


      I feel your pain man, got my rocks off with the first test drive in my dime but like any first time it was too quick lol. Waiting on the monies checks tomorrow from work to put some parts in the shop and get her back on the road.

    3. 72240z


      lol I'm so desperate I took the Z for a ride around the block the other day... with no hood. hatch, doors, fenders, bumpers, lights... haha

    4. r0p0doe


      I can't do that the heads off my car, maybe it'll feel like I'm driving if I push it fast enough lol. I was going to wash her but got occupied with work at my buddy's shop

  11. R.I.P. Mom...

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    2. Jennifer


      Sorry to hear :hug:

    3. 72240z


      thanks everyone

    4. colourbox


      oh that's terrible. sooo sorry to hear that. hugs to you.

  12. Interview tomorrow at PNY tech, pray to w/e you believe in please! lol

    1. RedBanner


      Happy thoughts!

    2. I'm BLUE

      I'm BLUE

      I pray to the god of blue for you ! and for moar blue... maybe spicey chicken wings too !

  13. vinyl wrapping is such a pain in the ass...

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    2. 72240z


      I'm at whits end man, Idk how you guys do it and make it look so easy. Failed 3 times to wrap an s30 fender today...

    3. RedBanner
    4. 72240z


      I did the cowl, flares, bumpers all dry but the fenders are killing me. Tom I'm going to try the fenders strategically wet. I hope it works because if it doesnt I have a whole bunch of vinyl I cant make work.

  14. Ugh who would have thought they could make Fast&Furious even cornier? There should be an award for how much car suck they can cram into one movie just so they could win it every time.

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    2. Laecaon


      At this point I watch it to laugh at how bad it is. Course I wait for DVD.

    3. DAT510
    4. I'm BLUE
  15. Ugh who would have though they could make Fast&Furious even cornier? There should be an award for how much car suck they can cram into one movie just so they could win it every time.

  16. I know the egg man... and he's coming

  17. lmao what am assclown that guy was

  18. lmao @ that status

  19. Whats going on around here Skib? lol

  20. Motor ftw +2 rep :-)

  21. You need to start a get garage thread now lol j/k

  22. From Candy? lol

    I read that book in HS, cudos to you skib.

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