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  1. Yep really, I got my asking from a young guy down in NC. I have been doing nothing but Nissan/Datsun for a decade, its time for a change. I have to say though the NSX is the best car I have ever owned. The level of engineering and enjoyment is ridiculous. This weekend I rebadged it and converted to jdm tails I brought back with me my last time there. Also installed a Pride v2 exhaust.
  2. Update is I sold the Z and bought an NSX B)
  3. The fun never ends...
  4. The vg20et was the 200z/zg/zs
  5. Every time I see a z31 done well like that it makes me want another one lol.
  6. Got mine back up and running, still tuning but happy with where I'm at.
  7. Been a while with no update. I have been traveling for work and working to finish this swap with literally all my free time. A couple weeks ago I spent some time to fab a down pipe. What a Pita it is to fab when the car is in my garage and my power and welder is up the block at my apt. That means I have to fit a piece then go tack it then go back and check fitment then go back and weld it etc... for 6 welds lol. I came out pretty good though. Because of the turbos top mount placement there isnt much room to use 45s like a l28et. Once together it started right up and with some adjustments i
  8. Back from Japan I been trying to work through the jet lag and get shit done since once I go back to work it will be weeks until I can do anything. I'm hoping to get everything 100% ready to install so I can tear into the Z in 2 weeks when I'm back from work. I got the head ported finally after fixing my HF die grinder like 3 times lol. The ports are matched to the gasket but not manifold since I didnt port the manifold. This whole set up is just for fun and once I get the fever I figure I will prob fab my own manifold or do triple brow through or w/e so no sense taking the time to work th
  9. Still with this? See the thread on the logical value of things as they become older, rarer and more sought after.
  10. The recap should be if done correctly then do it if not then expect damage. I'm not even going to contribute to these threads anymore, people cant be bothered to read our responses anyway.
  11. Leaving for Japan in the morning!

    1. jvb5577


      Bring back some Datsuns!


    2. freetheoranges


      A shipping container full!


  12. 72240z

    Fender mirrors

    Ya a factory brochure... for a d21
  13. Then travel, stop trying to pick something close. Some people travel 12+ hours for the right Z... Like I said earlier if you have to buy z's like this because you cant afford better then you dont have the means to play this game. Save your money and get something worth working on when you do.
  14. Thanks Christine, so you will have your turbo done by the time I get back right? :-) You coming out to Jersey again this year?
  15. EVERYTHING is replaceable, thats a moot point imho. Money vs time is the point. Can it be saved? Absolutely. Is it worth doing? No. The whole driver side is dented up, big complex dents too. The hood had a huge dent on the cowl. Glass is all busted. Roof is completely caved and I'm sure the pillars and hatch are queered by that. The passenger side fender and door had sizable dents but you cant really see the rear 1/4. There is more but I think we get the point here... If someone brought me that car when I still had a shop I would laugh. It's thousands of hours of work for someone with the abi
  16. 72240z

    Fender mirrors

    I like the way they look but it may be a context thing lol. I dont believe the 3rd on the d22 is stock, they sell that exact mirror as a universal over there, a lot of cars use them.
  17. You could say that but it would be a lie, they always need more then that. There are always gremlins and odds and ends on top of whats known. Here there isnt anything known. Everyone keeps mentioning rust but if literally every body panel is screwed what does rust mean? As mentioned your going to need a whole other car anyway so... My advice is to stop lingering on this POS, if you really need to find a z this screwed so you can afford it then I'm sorry to say you dont have the means. If your serious just save a couple g's and find a Z worth the time and effort. That may mean traveling a few
  18. You guys are crazy talking 400 offer (to be countered with more like 5-600) for that, there isnt a clean body panel on it, its a parts car. A parts car that isnt even a highly sought after year and with an unknown drive-line condition. Anyone ever repair, replace an s30 roof in that condition, or better yet pay someone to? lol yaaaaa....
  19. 72240z

    Fender mirrors

    I didnt realize we were talking about 60yo English cars now? I'm sure there are quite a few cars with useless mirrors be it fender or otherwise made over the years. As for the topic though of Japanese and in particular Datsun/Nissan fender mirrors they are superior.
  20. 72240z

    Fender mirrors

    Awesome misinformation there... Fender mirrors when properly placed provide a superior view with LESS of a blind spot. Thats no opinion, its geometry. That coupled with narrow roads are two of the primary reasons they were used in the 1st place. They were standard equipment in Japan up until the 80s until the market turned. Japanese buyers started associating door mirrors with cooler western styles and since Japanese exports were sky high and required to have door mirrors anyway it was a no brainer to phase them out. That is except taxi cabs which still to this day use them. Why? Because tax
  21. 72240z

    Fender mirrors

    For real someone is on the rag eh? lol
  22. Offer whatever its worth in scrap where you are.
  23. :-) oh I will, I leave this coming Thursday, then back end of April. I finished up on the intake manifold. Painted, made gaskets, replaced the bolts with proper sized ones, Heat reflective tape and fabbed up black off plates for the cross over tube. Think its a drastic difference vs how I got it haha. Cleaned and painted the exhaust mani and extension. Added a thread sealant to the plugs. I dont know what it was about the previous owners of this set up, they really liked exhaust leaks... Alum radiator came in, cant really complain about anything given how cheap they sell these things.
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