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  1. $150 sounds good. Who ever comes up with more than that or cash first it's yours Friday night
  2. Yea I'm ready. Finally got the timing chain fixed I'll be there. Anybody need complete A/C for L-series just took it off the 510. Make an offer
  3. Who needs A/C for this drive. Selling my complete A/C out of the 510. All works, I broke a hardline fitting on a fun run easy fix. PM me
  4. In need for 280zx front brake caliper brackets or I can't drive to the meet. Anyone have some lying around let me know. I can come by with cash. I'm in Stockton so anyone from Bay Area, Sac, don't care.
  5. Anyone bringing 510 bumpers. Don't care the condition. The more rust the better Cheaper on me.
  6. Playing in the snow on the way back
  7. Hungry and almost off work. If make it off in time I'll be there with a pizza.
  8. Photobucket works good for me.
  9. I'm in for this one just ordered the wife some new tires. She can't say no now
  10. Looks like the Kia isn't going to make this one. Tires are getting too bad and the Boss said no. She got sick on the last run driving like a loco. I will be working on the 510 all day if that counts. Need to finish to make the big meet.
  11. I can get a slip and slide blow up one. But don't think that is going to work with no water
  12. yea I was going to bring one also
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