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  1. It’s definitely an 81 with a z22 and manual pump so maybe I got a unicorn but none the less trying to get an electric pump wired in for less “pulsating” fuel delivery
  2. Hey all I got me a ‘81 720 with the z22 and a manual fuel pump, running a Weber with the transdapt one piece spacer. I’m having intermittent idle issues and, after plugging up every vacuum leak I could find, she’s still a little off. Been reading the Weber likes a high flow pump with low pressure so I opted for the Carter 4070 (I think that’s the part number). Was just curious if any of you have done away with the mechanical pump and if you’ve any tips for the safest and most reliable way to get the carter wired to the ignition and whatnot. Should I try to find a 720 fuel pump relay at the junk yard and make that work?? Any and all input is appreciated!
  3. @datzenmike you are the fricken man, thank ya.
  4. Hey I’ve been racking my brain over finding a complete drum brake hardware set for my 1981 720 king cab 5 speed. Rockauto has 3 options of varying sizes, does anybody have an idea on what those numbers mean? Ex: the centric says 12/81 And the Wagner 10x 1 3/4”
  5. Thank you both so much for your detailed responses, I’m gonna give ‘er a look see when I have a chance. Would the cam being slightly out of time be the cause of the fairly noticeable rattle when I first accelerate on the next gear? There is noticeable chatter that isn’t just the rocker arms. Scoring seems to be in between lobes right before the first set of rocker arms worse up towards the cam sprocket and definitely lessens as you follow the cam towards the firewall. Loose timing chain? Valve lash needing adjusted? I’m stumped.
  6. Howdy folks I recently purchased this 720 and I’ve been chasing problems from the very start. I think I’ve narrowed it down to one final mistake from the previous owner. When I got the truck, my distributor would have to be fully advanced to get the timing at 0* tdc. I knew this was screwy so I went to the oil pump spindle to figure out why it was off. Sure enough, when at tdc on compression stroke it was almost 180* off from where it should be. I reindexed it to the proper position and was able to get my timing in a normal 5* btdc with the distributor pretty much in the middle of the adjusting bracket. After doing that the engine ran much much better but I’ve noticed a lack of acceleration on take off and a definite cam rattle. This was confirmed when I pulled the valve cover off and saw score marks towards the front of the cam between the lobes, petering out towards the firewall. I set the engine to tdc again and examined the cam sprocket in relation to the shiny link on the timing chain that the previous owner replaced. It is 2-3 teeth off where my manual says the “bright” link should align with the #2 punch hole. Is there any easy fix that wouldn’t require taking the front cover off and just reindexing the cam itself? Thank you for any response I’m losing my mind over this thing.
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