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  1. turn Right Racing

    Wheels for sale (Old School)

    I have a set of 15" wheels with 195/50-15 tires every good tread left $300 also a set of 13 by 5.5" PS engineering wheels $225 please email for photos as I don't knwo how to post them here (I'm old School too) thanks Jeff at knoebel dot com
  2. turn Right Racing

    1963 WP312 - UPDATE MAY

    We have the technology for front disc's, but need to sort out lots of other issues The goal is to have a fun support vehicle at the races (mostly Road America and Blackhawk Farms) the plan is to acess the drivetrain this weekend, and start on the interior. Also, we will figure out what engine is in the car (A14 or A15). And replace the non existent shifter bushings with some bronze ones from our stock of race car parts There are several loud rattles coming from the chassis, I suspect are mostly exhaust related as the tailpipe is tight up to the rear bumper I'll leave it up to my brother to post the updates, but it should be a fun project
  3. turn Right Racing

    Identify this wheel?

    Thanks Datzenmike, this is all new to me, So did you need to post that image for me from my link, or could I have done it somehow?
  4. turn Right Racing

    Identify this wheel?

    I got a set of these wheels with a recent Datsun purchase, they say PS ind. on the back and are 13 X 5.5" I have several sets of wheels that I will be posting for sale, but am trying to identify them first thanks
  5. turn Right Racing

    Empi 13 X 6 two piece wheels FS

    Mainly because I don't have any photos yet Sorry
  6. turn Right Racing

    Empi 13 X 6 two piece wheels FS

    Looking to sell a set of 4 wheels with 4.5" bolt circle. Old school 8 spoke design. Email for photos (jeff at knoebel dot com) $650 OBO plus shipping from Milwaukee, WI Thanks Jeff
  7. turn Right Racing

    1200 parts needed

    Hi, I should have the inside trim and possibly the bumper and overriders Email me as I don't visit here very often Jeff at knoebel dot com
  8. turn Right Racing

    FS 240Z rust free CA car

    I have a '72 240Z less than 70,000 original miles Orange with black interior, runs and drives great, and is super clean underneath. I had it shipped from Beverly Hills last fall, with the intent to build a racecar, too nice to modify. located in Wisconsin $6950 Since I cant figure out how to load photos, email me if you are interested. thanks Jeff at knoebel dot com
  9. turn Right Racing

    1200 parts

    Steering wheel PM sent I'll take it if still avaiable! Thanks Jeff
  10. turn Right Racing

    Feeler/FS: rust-free '71 2Dr.

    Check your PM's I've got one into U Jeff
  11. turn Right Racing

    White 1200 Sedan - which wheels?

    For what it's worth, I just pulled my parts car our of storage, and I have really OLD School set of 12" slot mags if anyone is interested. I am travelling on business until Wed, and could get photos later this week if anyones interested. What's a fair price? Jeff
  12. turn Right Racing

    ANY 1 got a pair of front fenders?

    HI Santos, If you want to sell your fenders, they would be perfect for my project! Let me know! Jeff
  13. turn Right Racing

    ANY 1 got a pair of front fenders?

    HI Santos, I may be interested in your "cut" fenders depending on how they were cut I was planning small flares?>????? Jeff

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