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  1. I have a 510 SR swap aluminum radiator, shroud and 2 12" electric fans in my 520 but I have an L20B automatic, customized radiator support and custom firewall and trans tunnel in it also.


    The same radiator comes in a KA swao version that has the Inlet and outlets on the passenger side of the radiator.


    You could take your radiator to Mexico and have it done. 

  2. Take measurements and be some what confident that it will fit.  My 66 520 thread contains many hidden ansome not so hidden mods and is still going under the knife.


    The worst that can happen is you cut it to the point of no return and it ends up in the scrap yards. 


    If you go this route be sure and post your J13 4 speed rear diff and frame for sale.  There are people that want these things.  Do not throw any thing away.  You might or someone else might need the parts.

  3. 28 minutes ago, Crashtd420 said:

    As far as the transmission gap it looks like your missing the metal plate the goes on the block... I believe I goes behind the fly wheel.....


    This thing 



    Just searched ebay for a pic and a couple came up.... 


    Yes the steel plate goes behind the flywheel/flex plate.

  4. On the AC evaporator box you first Disconnect the wires and then pull the hoses from the evaporator tubes in the engine bay coming through the firewall.  Then you remove the phillips screw holding the retainer plate and the rubber gasket that hold the evaporator tube to the firewall.  The remove the phillips/10mm screws that holds the evaporator box to the firewall inside the cab.


    1985 720 720 heater, AC, and blower boxes.



    720 heater, AC, and blower boxes installed in my 1966 520.




  5. 12 hours ago, datzenmike said:

    I don't believe a high compression closed chamber head would have been sent here back in '80. This head is likely from an import engine. No way this would have passed emissions back in the day. Also has red RTV on the intake/exhaust gasket. Yeah I guess replacement.


    I would have it TIG welded and milled. But that's me and only because it is a closed chamber and worth saving. I found a closed chamber W58 once .

    Rebuilt engines and parts from California Datsun is throwing money away.  Research how many company name changes California Datsuns has.

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  6. 14 hours ago, Draker said:


    The owner died, and all of the rubber was sold off. Not sure who bought it all, or where it's being sold now.



    Mike was in the process of having the 521 wing window gaskets made when he passed away.  He gave me a pair of the first proto type  at the the Williams AZ run to try and critique.  There were several fit issues with the first ones and unfortunately he passed before the wing window seals were completed.

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  7. I agree people are cheap I buy used stuff as cheap as I can because I do not know what I am buying.


    When it comes to automotive electrics if I have  the time I will take it to Gen-Star and I know that when I get it back it is quality and will perform for years.


    I have had one go back from Gen-Star since the seventies and it was a rebuilt Saturn alternator that would charge sometimes and sometimes not.  Turned out the new voltage regulator was bad they fixed it and refunded my money..

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  8. It is easiest to pull the blower box first and the the AC evaporator box and then the heater core box.  While all of these are out test, clean, and reseal all before re assembly.

  9. If I want more amps out of my alternator my first stop is my local repair shop Gen-Star Electric.  I ask them what the bump limit is on my particular alternator and if it is high enough I have them gothrough thee Alternator and do the maximum bump.  If it is not enough amps then they suggest another alternator and the maximum they can safely bump that up.  Eter way when I pick up my alternator it puts out the amps I need and It is not a Chinese or Mexico alternator.

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