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  1. 13 hours ago, dats720 said:


    Can anyone give me a checklist of sorts of things to look for/to fix and where to get parts (I can't really find anything online)

    I bought a project car but honestly haven't worked on cars before

    It runs and I would like to get it registered and possibly drive it often


    Fix only what is broke!  Other wise you just might go down the rabbit hole.

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  2. I do not have mine plumbed that way but I would try using the EGR port and see how well it works.


    I have not had any time to work on my trucks for a few months now.  When I do get freed up there is several things I want to try with my Webers and different set ups.


    I have a 1986 720 king cab that I have had a new Pierce Manifolds Weber DGEV on since 2011 just after I bought the truck.  I have a 1984 720 King Cab that I have a rebuilt Z20 for and it will get a used Weber DGEV installed when the Z20 is in the 84.  I also have my 1966 520 that I have a rebuilt L20B and a rebuilt automatic trans in that will get a new Carbs Unlimited Weber DGEV when I get the exhaust and wiring done.


    I have run Weber DGEVs on my Datsun/Nissans since the early 70s.


  3. 4 minutes ago, d.p said:

    Yeah I just don’t remember if those fuel pumps are supposed to be razor tight.  Meaning a ton of force needed to install.  

    Depends what position the eccentric lobe is.

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  4. 1 hour ago, d.p said:

    Well that seems to have fixed the fuel delivery problem but now my battery is dead from trying to crank it over.  Guess I just wait for the tow truck and have them tow me home or give me a jump.

    and @banzai510(hainz) I’m not using NGK wires…was using MSD and like to try the simple things first.  And why would I have calcium deposits on the dizzy cap side inside the wires?  

    Simple and free would be check for vacuum leak.

  5. My understanding of the 4 speed fans in the 720 were equipped with the the 180 watt heaters.  These are in trucks that were delivered to extremely cold regions.  In all the 720s I have owned over the years I have only seen 3 speed fans.  Granted I live in Phoenix but my 86 was sold new in Salt Lake City Utah and while I was in Northern Nevada I bought 720's from Idaho, Montana, Minnesota and Michigan.  None of these trucks had the 4 speed fan.  I have owned many factory AC 720s from 1980 on and still that has not produced a 4 speed fan either.

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