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  1. Charlie69

    unknown ground cable

    That is a factory ground from engine to body. That is one I keep in good condition.
  2. These are the factory ST wheels.
  3. Charlie69

    620 rear axle vs 720

    I redrilled 2 bottom leafs on 85 4X4 sprin packs to center the axle in the wheel wells on my 66 520 that sits on a 80 720 2wd frame. This just for building purposes and transporting around for various work to be done. Once I get to the point of driving this truck it will go to a local spring shop and have new leaves made to set the hieght of the truck where I want it. The spring shop will set the pinion angle at the same time.
  4. Charlie69

    620 rear axle vs 720

    Centering pin holes in later 720 leaves are 2 1-4" farther back if I remember correctly.
  5. Charlie69


    Genaric box it is probably a Chinese knock off. Still worth looking at it though. If it is not a Weber I would not buy it.
  6. After I showed them my bank balance they beleived me, but would not release my truck.
  7. Charlie69


    If it is an old one then $50 is OK. If it is a new one it is a great price. But like mike said if it is a genuine Weber it will have made in Spain and Weber on the carb. The Chinese knock offs do not have either on it. Weber Idetification Video
  8. Charlie69

    My 1971 521

    Make sure your ring end gap is good and your rings are spaced correctly on your pistons. If they are to tight you will feel it turning the short block assembly with a ratchet and a socket. If the are to loose chances are you will here piston slap when you start it.
  9. Redeye it would be convienent if you had a store in the classifieds to where we could order stickers, hoodies, and what ever else you have instead of searching 15 pages in a thread. Can the Ratsun Gods do this? Also make it a sticky so it is always on top.
  10. Still gathering parts. Looked at a 1985 with an unfinished 240 SX KA swap. Truck is hammered, KA is the 2 year only single cam.
  11. Charlie69

    521 with G35X AWD

    I see some hood modifications needed. Nice work, would not be my choice.
  12. Charlie69

    521 part # thread

    I will check to see if I have a good one.
  13. Charlie69

    521 part # thread

    So is the arm bad or the linkage?
  14. You have a 35 year old truck with unknown maintenace history and you want it to run like it did when it came off the show room floor. You sir have a lot of work and parts o go through ! LOL
  15. Charlie69

    Adjust timing z24

    That is high I buy trucks for $200, $400 tops.
  16. Congrats, Enjoy!
  17. Are you driving it now? We only see stills of it. We need one with you in it with a big smile!
  18. They thought I had robbed a Mini Mart, which I did not. Also AZ plates was a target back in the 80s.
  19. Not the MVD workers in AZ!
  20. Charlie69

    Adjust timing z24

    Madkaw tou can buy a bearing and syncro kit for that trans on ebay for around $100. If you paid with PayPal start a dispute, you might get your money back. Face Book sucks!
  21. I do not know about COs MVD rules but in AZ when changing frame numbers we do a level 2 inspection, $25 at MVD. Doing this gets the new frame number into the system with your title. I do this mainly for travel through California as I had a truck impounded from a trffic stop because I had swapped chassis. $3500 and 2 months of legal battle I got my truck back.
  22. I would not waste your money on the MSD.
  23. Charlie69

    Adjust timing z24

    When I install the Webers on the Z engines I take a philips screw driver with a shank that is close to the inside diameter of the steel supply pipe and slid ie in a couple of inches then I teak the pipe a little to straighten the short piece of fuel hose to the carb. the screw driver keeps you from kinking the the pipe. Go easy with it, it does not take much bending to achieve the result you want.
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