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  1. Thank you sir! Very well said.
  2. You might want to find anew picture host Or start paying PB a monthly Payment and then still have all your pictures with a big PhotoBucket water mark on all your pictures.
  3. The plugs for the tac and the clock are most likely still taped to your cluster harness with blue tape. they are taped in the wiring close to the gauges. meanining clock wiring is on the clock side and the tack wiring is on the tac side. The clock plug is a green 2 wire plud and the tac if I rmember correctlty is a white 3 wire plug. The clock has a 2 wire pigtail with a green plug that will plug into the harness green plug. The tac plug on the harness plugs into the back of the tac.
  4. Failed emissions last Saturday. NOX is off by 16 points. Did tune up, plugs, cap, rotor, cap, and wires. #1 is burning white on the plug, the other are tan in color. I will clean and test the EGR. No vacuum leaks at the intake or the carb. All new vacuum lines a couple months ago. If I fail after re test I will go up 1 size on the primary high speed jet.
  5. I had C3-6 nerves in my neck burned today on the right side. July 9th The left side gets done. I hope to work on my wiring harness some more during this time. After I get the neck done then Dr Lucas will start testing the nerves in my lowering back. Once he identifies the nerves in my lower back that is transmitting the pain signals He will burn them also. I am hoping that this will last about 2 years of being pain free in my lower back and neck. The alternative is to fuse the vertebrae.
  6. I have a Datsub tail gate from a 1980 and Datsun fender badges for this one. Having work done on my neck so down for now.
  7. When you were crankinking it over with plugs out using the starter was there any strange noises? Possible bad starter or bad flywheel.
  8. Pull the plugs and try to crank it over by hand.
  9. Too bad Mike klotz quit selling his kits as thes e were the only disc brake kits I know of that allowed you to run the stock steel wheels. I purchased his last kit.
  10. I like it! You are correct, the trim (beauty) rings will look good.
  11. It is only temporary. I recieved a ransom letter from PhotoBucket a couple weeks back.
  12. I run the Shell Rotella T4 15W-40. I can do 3 oil changes for the cost one oil change of the Royal Purple. I tried synthetic and synthetic blend and both seeped from the seals on older engines. Even on my rebuilt engines I run the Rotella oil. It is also a good choice for new cam break in oil.
  13. Thank you BrothersGarage.
  14. Here is a cheaper one; 85 720 FSM
  15. I use copper crush washers on my oil pans.
  16. My Older sister the babies great grand mother has custody of the baby for now. My older sister and her husband will hopefully get permanent custody of the baby. For now the baby is safe and is receiving good care. The trial has not started yet for the killer.
  17. Lack of sleep Wayno. I thought I was in my other thread on the quad cab. You have convinced me to do the 521 double cab instead of the 520 front section. I will see if Redeye can move these to the correct thread. Thank you Wayno I do appreciate all the info and the parts you have helped me with over the years.
  18. You are correct Wayno. Wayno have you ever compared the 520 hood width to the 521 hood?
  19. Jacob the choke cable that is on the truck is not a manual choke cable. The choke cable has a stiff (rigid) center wire so when youyou push the choke knob in it pushes the choke plate open. The Weber run at 3 to 3.5 lbs fuel pressure.
  20. You are welcome. I have a 1980 720 chassis under my 66 520 that I have BellTech drop spindles on. There are cheap spindles out there but I chose the Belltechs because I found the in a wrecking yard used for $80. Be safe.
  21. I meant not to have an alignment done would be a safety issue. The safety issue is by loosening your torsion bars you changed the angles (dynamics) of the front suspension. When you did this the truck will steer different and react different with the varying road surfaces. What needs to be done anytime there is a change in these angles is to have a front end alignment done to correct the angles so the truck will drive and handle in a safe manner.
  22. If the blocks had a degreed slant to them you should be OK on the pinion angle. If the blocks had no slant then you need to get the appropriate degree wedges and install them. The package or the paper work that came with the blocks should say what degree the blocks have cast or machined into them. I myself cannot look at a driveline and tell if both angles are the same.
  23. Drop spindles make you run a larger diameter wheel. The proper way to drop the front of these trucks is to re index the torsion bars. When you loosen the torsion bars as you have done you change the dynamics of the front suspension. It would be a safety issue not to have a front end alignment done. Did you do anything to correct the pinion angle after lowering the rear of your truck?
  24. The leaking fuel pump does not explain the gas in the oil. The carb needs rebuilt to stop the flow of extra gas into the engine. Is this a stock carb? Is it a mechanical stock fuel pump?
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