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  1. Charlie69

    520 throttle cable

    620 cable is different.
  2. If the fusible link connection on the battery terminal does not have a good connection it will not charge. I have had this problem on 2 different trucks.
  3. Just curious Mr Big Tanker what is your wives money pit? LOL
  4. I think The truck is grey or gray.
  5. The aftermarket manifolds have extra threaded holes so the work on all models of the Z24 and Z20 engines. Not sure on the Z22 as I have not ran one but the Exhaust manifold gasket to head are the same. I have run the after market manifolds on 84, 85, and 86 720s with no problems. Use the holes you need in the manifold and plug the rest.
  6. Clean battery cables and posts. Also be sure to take the fusible link plug off the side of the positive battery cable and give it a good cleaning also. This gets missed when cleaning the terminals. Start with the basics first.
  7. I also like the extra plaid in the center of the bench seat and also ho you carried it on the door panels and now the shifter boot also! I also like the color matching on the of the grey on the side kick panels
  8. I love the plaid and the olive color.
  9. Charlie69

    Just bought a 521

    There is a lot to say about sunshine! LOL Raining here in Phoenix but still wearing Tee shits, shorts and sandals! LOL
  10. That is a beautiful truck. Congrats!
  11. That is good news Wayno as the Z20 rebuilt engine I have is also a "S" version.
  12. I had the left side of my neck nerves burned a couple months ago. This was completely different from the right side as the right side was great after the burn. The left side was two months of pain and any movement in my neck resulted in pop, cracking or a grinding noise and jerky movement. So from what I was told by Dr Lucas's PA Becky i have experienced both the good and the extreme healing processes from these procedures. It has helped tremendously with the neck pain and severe headaches I was experiencing. I had some used tires mounted up on the trooper wheels for rollers and to see so they fit on my 520. I will try to get some pictures this weekend when I clean the garage and roll the 520 out into the sun light. I like the way the wheels and tires look ,, but will be able to see better the fit and looks when the truck is out of the tight confines of my garage.
  13. I have changed my thinking on this truck and will be rebuilding the numbers matching Z24 but swapping in the automatic transmission and cruise control. I have the automatic transmission wiring harness, shifter, and pedal assembly. I found a Z20 automatic today in a 1981 610. As soon as it quits raining here and the ground drys out I will go pull the engine and trans. I am curious if the Z20S is the long rod version of the Z20?
  14. Charlie69

    521 part # thread

    Go with tdaaj's set mine need work.
  15. The New Weber kit K662 came in today. received a manual fuel pump block off plate last week. I will be cleaning out my garage tomorrow and cleaning a few more parts tomorrow. I think I will pull the seats and the dash, wiring, heater, AC, and blower boxes on Thursday to replace the carpet and the main wiring harness. I have been blowing the clock fuse when ever I hit a ruff section of road. I have been wanting to convert this truck to power doors and windows I have had for the last several years. So this is a great time to swap the main harness out in preparation of the power doors. If all goes well I will pull the engine and transmission and swap in the rebuilt Z20 and low mileage 5 speed. This will most likely happen on Saturday the 16th and finish on Sunday the 17th.
  16. Charlie69

    Charlie69's 521s

    I am no longer helping Jan Blair at Blair & Son Auto Parts (Air cooled VW Wrecking Yard) so I have to have all my trucks and parts out by October 31 2019. I sold the 71 521 complete truck today with the extra 71 521 chassis. The blue cab from the 71 Cab & chassis will have the passenger floor cut out tomorrow to repair the floor in the 521 I sold today. I will keep the roof and back of the cab as there is rust in the rest. The blue cab Gene Knight gave me I will keep as it is the best of the cabs, no rust. We cut the roof off of the 67 520 today and the radiator support. The white 69 cab had the roof cut off last week for Shawn's 521. The rest of the cab was rusty and hacked so scrap it is. The 90 hardbody is homeless so will get scrapped tomorrow. The 85 720 ST with the bent frame was reduced to scrap to day as I removed all the new front suspension and brakes that was put under it a couple years ago. I am saving the rear end and the bed for my 86 King Cab and will scrap the 86 rusty bed. Tomorrow will be my last day for clean up at Blair and Son so it will be grab the last of the parts off of the 85 720, cut the back of the bed off of the of the 67 520, and cut the roof and back of of the 71 cab & chassis off. Next scrap all the remains and tow my 84 720 King Cab St to a storage area, and clean up the mess. Yes I will still be doing a quad cab in time. I might also do a Wayno 520 King Cab in the mean time since I will most likely get a 1980 720 2wd king cab this weekend. The hoarding life continues!!! LOL
  17. That is how I usually do it. I ran across the one in the picture above on ebay and it ended up costing me more than I originally paid for my 520! The second one was a little cheaper. Everything on my 520 is new or remanufactured so I thought I might as well through another handful of cash in the money pit. It was a hobby now it is a hoard!!! LOL
  18. Charlie69


    Nice how yo Mike! Been using that method ever since I was in my first freshman auto shop class.
  19. Charlie69

    1986 720 EGR tube

    They are available in most wrecking yards. Sometimes are very difficult to remove.
  20. It is only a "full" load when the step bumper hitch ball scrapes the pavement. That is when I stop loading my trucks.
  21. This is my 520. Yes that is a new old stock OEM speedometer and a black pastic backing plate from a 411 SS speedometer. I have one more NOS OEM speedometer for a 520/521.
  22. Just a starting point Mike, measuring angle is always the proper way to set pinion angle.
  23. 3 degrees is stock. Rule of thumb is a 1/4" carrier bearning shim for every 1" lowered. Your truck is look sweeet!
  24. Charlie69

    unknown ground cable

    That is a factory ground from engine to body. That is one I keep in good condition.
  25. These are the factory ST wheels.
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