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  1. I live in Phoenix and am running a Weber DGEV 32/36 on my 86 720 feedback truck. I am running the Weber rectangular air cleaner with the valve cover vent connected to it. I am running the EGR but deleted both AB valves and all the shwitches and gadgets associated with the air cleaner. I replace all the vacuum lines a couple months ago and crossed up the EGR lines. I failed emissions last Saturday on NOX and bad gas cap. I rerouted the lines for the EGR and replaced the exhaust manifold gaskets. On my way to the emmisions I stopped and purchase a new gas cap and a can of Seafoam. I went to the gas station and put the Seafoam in the tank and topped off my tank. I always buy premium gas for my Datsuns/Nissans. Went to emisiion and passed with all the areas at about 50% lower than maximum aloowed figures.
  2. My 86 720 the under the hood sticker recommends 3 degrees.
  3. You are welcome sir.
  4. I have done 2 sets of 2 wheel drive LCA bushings on 2 wheel drive 720s. They are a bitch. My brother Garret made a bushing puller that makes it a little easier. We use it with a 3/4" impact wrench. we have to replace the hardened nuts after doing 2 bushings, removals and installs. We tried using it to bush the bushings but it works much better as a puller. I will be doing my 1984 ST King Cab this winter.
  5. I am back at it I installed new exhaust manifold gaskets on my 86 dailey this morning and re routed the EGR vacuum lines. I had crossed up the vacuum lines a couple months back when I repaced all the vacuum lines. Passed emission after this work and a new gas cap.
  6. Not when it goes up a 150% without being able to vote on it. This is one reason I preferred to live here was reasonable registration.
  7. Well people we are 6 weeks out as of this Saturday. I might miss this years barbecue due to nerve burning in my lower back. I have not gotten the schedule yet. I will do my best to schedule around it.
  8. I do hope the repeal goes through. It was costing me under $40 a year to register my 66 and my 86 and now it is over a $100 a year.
  9. I replaced the exhaust manifold gaskets and re routed my EGR vacuum lines. and replaced the gas cap. Went through emissions at about half of the maximum limit. So I am pleased. I got online and paid for my registration. Went up from $19.75 to $51.75 thanks to our governor adding a $32 fee to fund the State troopers. An organization is trying to get the $32.00 removed as it was not voted on. Doug Ducey is not a a legit governor he is the typical politician lining his pockets from special interests and also lobbyists.
  10. You might want to find anew picture host Or start paying PB a monthly Payment and then still have all your pictures with a big PhotoBucket water mark on all your pictures.
  11. The plugs for the tac and the clock are most likely still taped to your cluster harness with blue tape. they are taped in the wiring close to the gauges. meanining clock wiring is on the clock side and the tack wiring is on the tac side. The clock plug is a green 2 wire plud and the tac if I rmember correctlty is a white 3 wire plug. The clock has a 2 wire pigtail with a green plug that will plug into the harness green plug. The tac plug on the harness plugs into the back of the tac.
  12. Failed emissions last Saturday. NOX is off by 16 points. Did tune up, plugs, cap, rotor, cap, and wires. #1 is burning white on the plug, the other are tan in color. I will clean and test the EGR. No vacuum leaks at the intake or the carb. All new vacuum lines a couple months ago. If I fail after re test I will go up 1 size on the primary high speed jet.
  13. I had C3-6 nerves in my neck burned today on the right side. July 9th The left side gets done. I hope to work on my wiring harness some more during this time. After I get the neck done then Dr Lucas will start testing the nerves in my lowering back. Once he identifies the nerves in my lower back that is transmitting the pain signals He will burn them also. I am hoping that this will last about 2 years of being pain free in my lower back and neck. The alternative is to fuse the vertebrae.
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