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  1. Charlie69

    Rear Window: The Solid vs Slider Debate

    All years should fit if the truck has not been chopped and channeled. You will need a rubber seal to fit which window you choose to install, slider or non slider. I will be in the junk yards this week end and will measure early and late 720 regular cab back glasses to verify this.
  2. Charlie69

    Lil red/lil b**ch

    Gathering parts to do a KA swap to my 86 720 King Cab and gathering parts for a VG30 swap in my 84 King Cab ST. I will be using parts from my 85 720 King Cab ST On both trucks. The 85 has a bent frame.
  3. Charlie69

    new member, first post.

    Looking good! Keep at it and you will be driving a fine 521.
  4. Charlie69

    Charlie69's 1984 720 ST? Parts Truck

    It is blue interior perfect for the door panels I received from you. I believe it has the ST wheel.
  5. Charlie69

    mrbigtankers 521

    Looks great Mr Tanker. Hopefully soon you will been terrorizing the So Cal streets!!! LOL
  6. Charlie69

    mrbigtankers 521

    I do not think Mr Tanker does burn outs on his trailer! LOL
  7. Charlie69

    My Ratsun Datsun 521, now with L-20-B and a five speed

    Mike you received my only purple gear.
  8. Charlie69

    mrbigtankers 521

    I can see mud flaps in the near future! LOL
  9. Charlie69

    My Ratsun Datsun 521, now with L-20-B and a five speed

    I am looking at picking up a 300 ZX with a seized motor 5 speed trans for parts for my VG30. I believe it wood be much easier to use the wiring from the 300ZX and the 5 speed with my VG30.
  10. Charlie69

    Charlie69's 1984 720 ST? Parts Truck

    Not sure if it has variable speed intermittent wipers or not. The truck is real rough but with this truck and my 85 ST and the VG30 I should be able to put together one nice truck.
  11. Charlie69

    My Ratsun Datsun 521, now with L-20-B and a five speed

    Daniel On the 720 passenger side of the inner fender near the firewall is an aluminum plate that gives the engine, transmission, and the rear end ratio. This plate is held to the inner fender well by 2 white plastic rivets.
  12. Charlie69

    My Ratsun Datsun 521, now with L-20-B and a five speed

    There is a 1980 in one of the wrecking yards here. I will be in the yard on Saturday and will pull the speedometer drive pinion for you if it is still there. Nissan Part No.: 32702-E9819 PINION ASY SPEEDOMETER Lookup Code 32702 Part Description Pinion Assy-Speedometer 19T Replaced By 32702-58S19 1980 720 5 Speed Speedometer Drive Pinion Assembly At Nissan Parts Deal
  13. Charlie69

    Charlie69's 1984 720 ST? Parts Truck

    Honestly Mike I am not sure if the wiper intermittent speed is fixed or adjustable. Mike is there any part of the VIN that identifies it as an ST?
  14. Charlie69

    Charlie69's 1984 720 ST? Parts Truck

    I bought a really rough1984 720 ST? Parts Truck today. No pictures yet I will get pictures after I get it home. It is a 2wd King Cab with the head pulled about 17 years ago. It has the intermittent wipers and the tac and clock. Is a 5 speed and has 3.70 gear ratio. It has a sun roof and sliding rear window, power steering, power windows, power locks, and AC. Plans are to pull the titled 85 cab off the bent frame and drop it on this one. After I clean out the 1984 bed and determine if the bed bottom is rusted out or not I will determine which bed I will use with the 1985 cab. I will have to replace the core support on the 1885 cab. I will use the lower valance, wiring harness and doors from the 1984.This one will get the VG30 or a KA from a 1993 hard body 2wd That I am picking up in the next couple of weeks.

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