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  1. nisrod720

    z24 carb.....

    i hav a 1985 z24 that is running like crap!!!! idle is very erratic,,,,fuel filter is new....i worked on it awile back and found the little plastic choke vaccum linkage broke..i put it back together with jb weld,,and now its broke agian!!! any ideas??? sometimes wont idle at all,,,and dies between gears to...the muffler has been removed,,,would low back pressure cause this??? any help is appreciated!!! :blink:
  2. nisrod720

    79 Datsun.....Door Dragger

    so will you be at blood drag??
  3. nisrod720

    79 Datsun.....Door Dragger

    you from ga???where exactly??
  4. nisrod720

    521 oddities

    yeah,,i got rusty one too!!
  5. nisrod720

    521 oddities

    what about some 521 wheels,,,or hubcaps??
  6. nisrod720

    parting out a 82 720 king cab

    how much for the front fenders??
  7. nisrod720

    The little datsun that couldnt get away

    something tells me that math and geometry were fails for those guys too!!:blink:
  8. nisrod720


    i always wanted to see a 720 with the old off road racing paint scheme,,,go for it!!(if you guys even know the one im talking about!?!?!)
  9. nisrod720

    ~~~~ bagged 1967 520 ~~~~

    are you going to put any gussets on the cab mounts?? looking good!!
  10. thought i did!! sorry ,,its on there now..:mellow:
  11. i got a set of 1985 720 st's,,too bad you in wa
  12. man im going to be in charleston area around the first of the month,,,what condition is that st steering wheel in???
  13. nisrod720

    720 gallery

  14. nisrod720

    New 411 owner

    never even heard of a 411!! now i got the 411--hahahahahaha!!
  15. nisrod720

    Anyone else smooth out the seams on a 620 bed?

    just wind turbulence will crack it pretty soon,,i welded the ones on my 720 also(the second time!!)

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