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  1. hurts donut

    twin plug z24 head. simultaneous plug firing? any info

    hey there while pulling apart my 720 for a timing chain replacement, the plastic tip where the dizzy connects inside chipped . the metal flat screw looking head is still in tact and should still be ok right? i thought we had a z22 in it ..turns out after a non fitting timing chain arrived that it is in fact a 1986 z24 somone swapped years back. is there a difference in the "dizzys"..do z22s have the 8 plug thing goin on to? (trying to figure out how to post pictures btw.)
  2. hurts donut

    help! replacing the timing chain on my 82 720 4x4.

    thanks for the response. im all good to this point ..but then the chain kit i bought for the truck that supposed to fit doesnt exactly. the chain is maybe a link too small. i mesured it compared to teh old chain and its 18 links in between the brite links..the old chain has 19 between the brite links. Maybe the place sent the wrong kit? or is there somthing i dont know and shoulda orderd a different kit. this is a bummer . any tips or a link to specs about chain sizes and which one i might need?
  3. so im new to this. were replacing the timing chain and its going ok so far. im nervous that well overlook crucial little things that can save us time, money and make the truck run better. Is there a good how-to section that might have a step by step..videos, photos, and common problems\ tasks that might ease the process. I wish i had joined this forum 3 yrs ago when we got the truck. thanks for any feedback. also found a tiny ring in the oil pan..looks like a bearing race. bout the size of a ladies wedding band..that supposed to be attached somewhere i bet..any ideas? ill try and get photos going too.

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