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  1. G’day All The Double-Din dashes are now on order from my supplier, and will be arriving in 2-3 weeks. I have put the link up on my website to purchase, so you can put your order down now. Note that there is only a limited number (15 in total) so get in quick. http://www.gilsonproducts.com.au/products/datsun-510-centre-console-double-din/ Pricing is $185.00AUD + shipping: $14.50 AUD – Standard Post to Australia, New Zealand $24.50 AUD – Standard Post to Asia, USA, Canada $29.50 AUD – Standard Post to UK, South Africa Thanks.
  2. Hey jrock4224, Sorry to hear that your product was damaged, happy to resend a replacement. pm me your details if you want to proceed. Will review my postage as well.
  3. Hi All, The LHD gauge consoles have been well received and I'm getting some interest in a double din version. if I can get the numbers I will do a short run, but need to know by this time next week if your interested. check out the current stock here: http://www.gilsonproducts.com.au/products/ also the old thread here: http://community.ratsun.net/topic/52722-custom-datsun-510-dash-centre-console/ Cheers.
  4. Hi All, Busy week last week boxing up orders, and getting them to the post office. All current orders have been completed, and shipping should take around 5-7 working days. The pre-sale pricing has finished, and retail pricing resumed. Thanks again, and can't wait to see some consoles fitted up. love to see the pics posted here. Cheers Duncan Gilson Products.
  5. I could do custom 1 offs - pricing would be around the $600 mark though..
  6. Just to note, please ensure that you select the correct shipping location. the drop box above the buy now button has 3 options for different locations. Thanks,
  7. ttp://www.gilsonproducts.com.au/products/ price $155 AUD + $24.50 shipping to US/Canada. Thanks Camtron for posting the link B)
  8. Hey jrock4224, better get in quick! discount runs out next week.
  9. Finally the dashes have arrived!! will be working over the weekend to get the pre-orders out by Monday first thing. Will inspect each to make sure they are all ok, and box them up ready for individual shipping. The parts look $%!@ing awesome with the texture finish, so stoked how this come out. Thanks again to everyone who pre-ordered, I'm sure the wait will be worth it. I'm going to leave the pricing discounted till the end of this month (4 more days) for the stragglers, and then I'm bumping the price back to retail. So if you're still keen, get in quick.
  10. Only a couple more weeks before the dashes arrive, so therefore there's only a couple more weeks to get them at a discounted price. $30 off is a pretty good deal! here's the website link again http://www.gilsonproducts.com.au/products/ and remember to select your region to add shipping. Cheers
  11. Hi All, does anyone know of a forum similar to Ratsun in Japan? I've checked out Japanese Nostalgic Car but pretty limited on businesses selling stuff. any help is appreciated.
  12. Thanks John, It definitely looks the part now! will also texture my RHD Versions as well, but might keep a few stock just in case.
  13. Quick Update: The texturing has been applied, and ready to send back to get the production parts made. Please note that it is very difficult to replicate the original texture, but as you can see it is close. Parts will be ready to ship in around 4-5 weeks, so please remember the pre-sale is still on, so get in quick before the price goes up. Cheers heres a link to the pics.. will post up shortly. http://www.gilsonproducts.com.au/textur ... n-console/
  14. Interesting point John, the original dash had a definite line where the texture finished, and the smooth surface began. Checking this out further it was probably done due to the injection moulding process. I will paint a couple of RHD variants and see what works best. i think i'll leave the gauge faces alone, but texture everywhere else. There is no provision for a light as all gauges are supplied with internal lighting. didn't seem necessary to add back in, plus it was another part to worry about, increased costs etc etc.
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