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    going fast with cars/trucks notorious for being "slow",seeing the angry reactions that follows :)
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  1. Datsun720

    Show Off Your TRUCK Wheels!

    http://forum.ratsun.net/picture.php?albumid=101&pictureid=459 http://forum.ratsun.net/picture.php?albumid=101&pictureid=456 w/some black paint treatment.
  2. Datsun720

    Do you catch yourself doing this...?!??

    lolz we should make a thread with "datsun laws" and include this 1
  3. Datsun720

    holy datsun grail

    holy crap...nice find dude, gives you that warm fuzzy "i found more dattos" feeling. You kno what i mean.
  4. Datsun720

    Guys...some help

    you could do a carburetor cutaway, n explain the fuel atomization, airflow physics(like how venturi's increase airflow and create a slight vacuum under it),you might also be able to branch out into air/fuel ratio explanations. i dunno,i think it would b cool :)
  5. Datsun720

    driveshaft spacer info?

    i took the driveshaft out, remeasured the distance from the yoke to the companion flange,took it to a driveline shop n had it lengthend to my specs,tried it out a few days ago, its nice n smooth now :) finally i can go 100+ without worryin i'll break something.
  6. Datsun720

    joke's you know you got them

    A german entrepeneur and a japanese car-maker were talking. The japanese guy says,i can produce 5000 cars by the end of the week. The german guy says "Dat Soon" :)
  7. heres some of mine: -move to nyc (w/the datto of course) -go back to school so i can be a mechanical engineer -find happiness if it exists
  8. Datsun720


    thx i'll check him out ::fingers crossed::
  9. Datsun720


    yea i get your point,but in texas when you're surrounded by nothing but open roads and fields with no pedestrians or motorists, why not enjoy a quick drag race? obviously its dangerous in an urban area,im aware of that and i dont race when other ppl or motorists are around. can u honestly tell me u never raced anyone in your entire life? how far is your shifter up your ass anyway? btw "sorry if this offends you" im gonna get the tints asap, and the black lettering sounds nice. Been looking for a tonneau cover,having a hard time finding it tho. got any pics nisrod?
  10. Datsun720


    calm down dude, its not some nfsu type shit, every1 enjoys the occasional drag race when you're stuck at a red light. Yea i seen some crazy ass crashes too,usually cuz someone thinks their street car can handle like an F1 car.However even when you're not racing, sht can still happen. im gonna check out the tint, been thinkin bout goin flat black with the hood but i dont kno yet.
  11. Datsun720


  12. Datsun720

    calling buffing/wetsanding gurus

    your right about the newer paint,it looks like they didnt use any primer at all, sadly you can't sand down the new paint to restore the original paint. No matter how good of a "sander" someone is,the edges will "burn out" exposing the original datsun primer or even bare metal(know this from experience). The only real way to fix it would be to do over the paint job w/primer for a uniform color. :( The orange peel look is from improper spray technique/improper spraying conditions. Nice truck tho, is that a hand crank to start the engine?
  13. Datsun720

    driveshaft spacer info?

    No it hasnt bottomed out yet, it was touching a bracket under the cab,since i cut the bracket it hasnt touchd anywhere else. I'll try and get the trans pics 2day.
  14. Datsun720

    driveshaft spacer info?

    I've got some drivetrain vibration at highway speeds, i believe its because my driveshaft yoke does not go in far enough into the transmission. I know they make driveshaft spacers for toyotas, but i have not seen any for datsun/nissan. Anyone know if those will work or where i can get one that will? I have a C200 differential from an '83 4x4 720 I was also wondering if i could get away with using some longer bolts and using 4 nuts as spacers between the differential companion flange and the driveshaft companion flange.Any ideas guys?
  15. Datsun720

    vacuum secondary

    Sounds more like an issue with the primaries, you say it feels sluggish at first and then it picks it, the point where it picks up sounds like the point where the secondaries are opening, alleviating the primary issue. try going a little richer on the primary side, if that doesnt help or u see soot coming out the tailpipes,try going smaller a little at a time.

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