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  1. no,is not me who got the award,Hizz did,sorry.

  2. I think your the person that received one of Johnnie's Choice awards. If so, sorry I didn't catch your name but I wanted to tell you that you really made her day with the things you said to her when she presented you with your trophy. Congratulations and thank you for participating. I hope you had a good time and had plenty to eat. -Kenny

  3. I want to thank everyone for stopping by the DHM and participating in Johnnie's party. You made her day and she hasn't stopped taking about it. I hope eveyone had a good time and had plenty to eat. We realize that a lot of folks had schedule issues and could not make it. We understand. Johnnie plans on carrying the black book around for a little while in case some folks did not get a chance to write something or sign it. Again I want to thank you all for making this a successful suprise party. You are some of the best folks around and we love you all. :thumbsup: Take care and we'll see you at the next get together. Now anyone know where I can find a pre 75 620? Just kiddin' :)
  4. Back in the day I used these (not this exact brand): http://adaptitusa.com/index.asp?PageAction=VIEWPROD&ProdID=69 I never had a problem, over 100k miles. I ran 15x10 rims with super deep dish and P295 tires on the rears. Fronts were 14x7 P225 if I can remember correctly. Oh this was on a 620.
  5. Back when I had the this setup it was during the 80's and gas wasn't very good. I'd clog fuel filters some times weekly (I kept a couple with me all the time). I'd have to add octane booster and I would still ping on occasion. I only blew one head gasket the whole time I had the setup.
  6. famousyellowz


    I'd be interested in going. Datsun's aren't home right now but I can bring a Nissan.
  7. Will 280zx pistons work? I think that's what I had in my L20B back in the day. They were flat tops, I think 10 over bore.
  8. famousyellowz


    If you are interested, you can always just stop by to grab a burger and not ppay $3 to be in the show...and enjoy the carhops. They have car stuff there all the time. Different types of cars on different days. I am not saying this is a good show or a bad show as I only drive by and never participated. Funny, I live near by and never knew that Sunday was import day.
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