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  1. I didn't know it was 5/16's. I got -6AN steel braided lines. They seem to fit ok over the lines. I was told by someone that the s13 was 3/8's and found -6AN was the same. =/ We'll see I guess when the pressure hits the lines. I'll post if I have problems or not.
  2. For those swapping to a sr20det, I have a question about your fuel delivery. I am putting a fuel cell in and I wanted to know what size fuel lines you were running to the sr20det feed. I don't know the size of the stock fuel rail inlet. I looked all over and can't seem to find a straight answer. What do you guys run for feed and return?
  3. How did you guys wire these up? I am confused with these... really! I wired the battery to the starter and then it has a tab for the starter signal coming from the ignition right? Does the starter need a ground too? Then I wired the Alternator from the screw to the chassis as the ground. I am not sure where the Tabbed connector goes on the alternator... I know the alternator has to connect to the battery but the Tab connector wires seem kind of thin to go to the battery... Do I have this all wrong?
  4. Actually Icehouse, looking at the switches I am using, they are from Radio Shack! lol But I ordered them online. They are 12V 20A switches, shouldn't that be enough? I get what your saying now about just taken out the relays 86 switch current which is a small low amp current and just stopping the relay from turning on.
  5. I can change anything you think I should change. What would be the recommended fuse size? 10A? When you mean the high amp side of the current for the kill switch, should it go on the other side of the relay? Cutting off the current the relay sends to the harness? I can post the car when I get some pics done. I have pictures of the L28 coming out but the car is in a utter mess right now since I've taken it completely apart.
  6. electronic concentrated control system. Not exactly sure the difference in that and the ECU but I assume IMO it's the same thing.
  7. ok so the PDF didn't work :blink: but here is the JPG And here is the link if you want it in PDF format: http://www.dannymontt.com/wiring_for_sr20
  8. Well after everything is said and done I made my own wiring diagram. Improved from the nice one already made with a more clear understanding of the relay. Also it's in PDF format for a nice clear picture. Again thanks for all the help guys. This is going into a 280Z just in case you were wondering...:eek:
  9. So I assume that I would use 87 to power... let say the fuel pump and not use pin 87a right? Then I would just leave 87a blank...right...
  10. Here are pictures of the relays I got... Mine seem to have five connections in the back. On the front it has a diagram to what each point goes to. My Question is how does the first picture of the relay diagram relate to the diagram you guys have of the wiring. For example: point 86 would go to power cable, point 87a would go to fuse box... etc. Get what what I'm saying? It's confusing because I don't know how these things work so I don't know how to read it. Thanks guys!
  11. Thanks guys. I think that clears some things up. I have more questions but I will reserve them until I do this next week and see how it all pans out. Thanks again.
  12. What size wire gauge are you guys using? Should I use 8 gauge for the power from the battery to the box and then 10 gauge to the relays? Also, relays are for what type voltage? I am going to use Bosch style 30/40A is this good. Sorry for the questions but there seems to be so many choices for what to use.
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