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  1. R.runner620


    Yep, taking those hinge pins back to Napa. No bueno for 620, pics later showing why.
  2. R.runner620

    resto-mod 521 buildup (goin tube frame now)

    Ahhh, something different, I like! I'm going prerunner style on my 620.
  3. R.runner620


    The weird thing is, the 620 hinges don't havve bushings...
  4. R.runner620


    Does anybody have any input on door hinge replacement? These Napa kits aren't a direct replacement. :/
  5. R.runner620


    Napa # 675-5157 or Help! #38397. Looks like there's a little drilling to make them fit?
  6. R.runner620


    Scored on the new hinge pins!
  7. R.runner620


    Thanks. Yup, the one with the skid plate on it. I ended up parting it out in san diego. But this time, this truck will be the ultimate prerunner....
  8. R.runner620


    http://upwardinfinity.com/ggzilla/nwde/archive/1517.htm anybody remember this?
  9. R.runner620

    Really Ratty Rusty Ruby Ruined & Rotting RIP

    I remember that car! I tried racing jeff on the highway in my 620. "Tried" lol.
  10. R.runner620


    Beard bucket seats... Drivers door, ready for primer Cowl, almost finished Firewall, welded up, ready for smoothing Dash, keep in mind this thing sat outside of the body shop through the winter, its about to be sandblasted, smoothed and painted Seat rails welded, battery and 12v a/c compressor platform, again, in dire need of a good cleaning. the rhino lining is new under that filth Passengers door, all smoothed and sexy Rear shot, the top corner holes are for the roll cage to pass through, the center holes are for the radiator pipes to pass through, (radiator and fan to be mounted up high on rollbar) and the 3 in. hole on the right is for the fresh air intake fan.
  11. R.runner620


    Lol, yeah, my debt is served. I'm back in washintgton, happily. I recently aquired A very straight kingcab, stripped I salvaged the cab and bed. I welded up a solid steel dash, rhino lined the inside of the cab, and now its at the body shop, all of the holes including the antenna, mirrors, key locks, firewall, door locks, and wiper holes in the cowl are being smoothed. I also removed all glass and window mechanisms. The windshied will be replaced with new glass, the rest of the glass is going. To be replaced with plexiglass, and all new rubber, of course. This truck will be placed on an all new custom frame with full rollcage, the hood and front fenders will be fiberglass, and it will be powered by a 13bt. But for now, I'm trying to locate a hinge rebuild kit for the door hinges. Bleach told me they have one at Napa? Ill stop byy the body shop today and get some pics of the progress.
  12. R.runner620


    Yessir! Ill get some eye candy pics tomorrow. You're gonna love it.
  13. R.runner620


    I'm baaaaack! 73.5 kingcab, in the bodyshop.....pics soon. Let's get this thread rolling...

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