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  1. solo

    Super sonic grill remake

    I have this grill. Aside from being a re-pop you can't tell the difference between the original and new one. My buddy came over with his original grill and he was speechless. Love20bee provided all the pictures of the tooling on how these grills were produced. Just think modern day tooling being used to recreate this classic grill. Here's a photo of mine. I haven't fully installed it , as I don't have all the hardware for it. Gotta dig through my junk for them. I tried sharing a photo didn't work. Sorry you can see it on IG @datspimpin
  2. solo

    Green Machine

    Great work man
  3. solo

    69 Project "Poporocho"

    Im waiting on mine. I went with the classic halo's. They look great man!
  4. Good new he got his car back today and its in the same shape it was before it was stolen. It was a homeless dude who broke into his shop that stole the car. He was arrested after he was pulled over driving Phills car.
  5. Phill said he has not been able to see the car yet to assist any damage or check for missing parts. Sac PD said they are doing an investigation and will not let him see the car till they are done. I think thats fucking lame but at least he's getting his car back.
  6. GOOD NEWS!!!!! Sac PD has found Phillips car!!!!
  7. Yes the car has been spotted this morning at 8am in Elk Grove by a Walmart being driven around. They took the sticker's off is what they reported to Phil. Hopefully the next person who see's it follows them and calls the police.
  8. Phillip Lee 6 mins · Lodi, CA, United States · Update. Sources tell me they seen the car 830 this morn going towards citrus ht rooseville area (racing)
  9. Im sure some of you already know what happen as I've posted it on FB Ratsun. Figured I would post it here anyway just to further spread the word. His car was stolen from his shop Speed of sound out in Sacramento CA. I know the chances of getting his car back are slim, either way just trying to help a fellow datsuneer out. Here's some photos of his car incase any one see's it driving around if your from the area. If it pops up in your city don't hesitate to reach out. Thanks
  10. solo

    pic of your dime

    Finally getting closer to bringing her back home and start final assembly.
  11. solo

    Feng Shui (The 510 Experiment)

    Wow that looks great man. Glad to see an update on this thread. Keep up the good work.
  12. solo

    Feng Shui (The 510 Experiment)

    Looking good Josh!
  13. solo

    Feng Shui (The 510 Experiment)

    dam that came out great bro. Looks bad ass!
  14. solo

    Feng Shui (The 510 Experiment)

    No money but I got time.... Decided.the motor should go back in. I might fire off the motor before painting the engine bay. It has to come out again to redo the engine harness anyway. Mocked up the oil filter mount. Just need to tig weld the base. Josh what oil relocation kit did you use for this? Thanks
  15. solo

    pic of your dime

    Just a little progress. Finally got the engine bay painted. Im going to redo the brake lines once the car is back home. They were removed prior to paint incase anyone is wondering. Pretty happy right now :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

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