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  1. Man I haven't posted here in a minute. She runs now. Please subscribe to my Youtube channel. I plan to upload video progress of the car as it gets done. Thanks image0 by v p, on Flickr
  2. Sup fellas, I have a set of SSS taillights I just recently purchased. They didn't come with factory flashers for the sequence lights. I did a couple of searches and haven't really come up with any solid info on what people are using with these lights. I did how ever find webelectricproducts.com I purchased there universal kit which ended up not working with the way the Datsun taillights are wired. I would need a bunch of relays is what my friend told me who's wiring my car currently. Anyhow any info on what you guy are running would be greatly appreciated. My engine shot for attention. Thanks in advance.
  3. Exhaust is finally done on my car!! 3" SS from the turbo back. Cant wait till I get it back tomorrow. image0 by v p, on Flickr
  4. Few weeks ago sun bathing before she went to the exhaust shop. image1 3 by v p, on Flickr
  5. You should ask some questions about this in your own post. There's lots of experience here with truck or car doors.

  6. My passenger door is stuck closed. I cant open it from either side. The rod inside the door the connects to the door handle will moves a lever inside the car. That lever wont move no matter what I do . Tried pulling on the inside door lever and pushing the door and nothing. Dam these cars sure do know how to fuck with you in the worst way. lol All rods have been disconnected as of right now. I had cleaned and lubed this shit before installing it. And it worked fine for months. Then this shit. 

    😡 I hate you lol


    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. solo


      Tried that and nothing. But thanks for your input bud.

    3. Ranman72


      use a thin stiff piece of metal and push down on the part inside the door that the rod would normally push 

      if it might help to remove the chrome window trim to gain more space 

      you can also slide a wedge in the door between door and glass to open a little more space 

      just be careful 

      if any of this is possible you might be able to push that latch point with a longish thin screw driver 

    4. solo


      Sweet thanks still no luck. That lever is stuck. I also notice the spring is not attached  anymore.

  7. And we finally have glass installed. It only took me 4 years to do this lol. image0 2 by v p, on Flickr
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    Pleasanton , California - US

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  11. Got my motor back in finally. Just waiting on the valve cover. Sr by v p, on Flickr
  12. Yeah it seems like it wants to roll off. To answer your second question yes. I removed the seal. Gonna use a little water with light soap to help massage the seal in better hopefully that will do the trick. Thanks for replying.
  13. Hey fellas getting ready to install my rear window with Datsport seal. My question is the seal sets kinda of funky on the rounded edges on the bottom section of glass. Here's a photo not sure if I incorrectly installed the seal? Or its supposed to do that? This is my first time attempting to install front and rear glass. IMG_5837 by v p, on Flickr LS by v p, on Flickr RS by v p, on Flickr
  14. car by v p, on Flickr
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