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  1. a 32/36 weber is fine for your application that what I got a L16 with a L20 head but have a cam. Its fine.

    I like the manual choke version.

    However on hot days it can desiel(run on as the later L20s and later L motor the carbs have a anti desieling selionoid on carb to plug the idle jet.  If your car /truck has this already you could het a 32/36 DGEV/IC carb as it has this selionoid with it and just use the 12volt wire from car.

    1. athoose


      Why do you prefer the manual choke? And I just noticed the manual choke 32/36 kit is 60. Dollars more than the electric choke, what the hell!? That's an expensive cable, right.

    2. banzai510(hainz)


      I like the manual cause if one fucks with the adjustment then it seems never to be perfect after that . Means it stays on too long or too short.

      If your car/truck has the 12volt wire I guess you can take it but if you later get a IR alternatort you have to remove the auto choke relay as it will kill the battery(if this was orginal a external volt reg )




      To me it should be cheaper  32/36 DGV 5A

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