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  1. they look similar to the left one. I couldn't find a image hosting site that would work on here and didnt want to go against the rules or such so maybe try these links: http://www.ephotobay.com/share/dscf0490.html http://www.ephotobay.com/share/dscf0489.html http://www.ephotobay.com/share/dscf0492.html
  2. Hey guys I have been trying to find the right people that would want these. they are a complete set of alloy 200sx rims with DD center caps. they have NEW 195/70R14 Doral SD70 tires. The rims are a little worn and torn. I had plans on putting these on a sentra to replace bent steelies but the car was wrecked before hand. I DO NOT have the proper lug nuts for these. I have had these sitting inside for about 2 years,no dry rot, they still have 25psi located at Hamburg,PA shoot me a PM for pics price is $150
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