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  1. That was it! Thank you. It fried one side of the terminal on green wire. cheers!
  2. Thanks for the reply. You say fusible, yet I see no fuse(?). The length of green wire “appears” fine, but the one connections smells burnt. Could it be as simple as replacing this wire? Should I add an inline fuse for protection? Or is that redundant? cheers, Matt
  3. 75 620 long bed. Changing the oil, and I dropped the filter into the back of the alternator. Yes, I know, should have disconnected the battery. Too late now. I can run wires and get the truck to run. I don’t have any power to the ignition switch. Is there a fuse hidden somewhere I don’t know about? I found two fuses in-line behind the glove box. 1A and 15A both were blown. The smaller of the two fuses was on the bigger of the two wires(?). Changed those, still nothing. Any help is appreciated. cheers, Matt
  4. hi, if the datsun is still for sale, please let me know. I am in Lynden, and looking for a 620 project. wingnutatwork@hotmail.com Thanks... MAtt
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