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  1. Hey guys, who all wants to mob up there? We could do what we did last year, meet up at that chevron by I5? Maybe 3 or 4
  2. I know this topic's been dead for 3 years now... but hoping Motoliam is still active so I can inquire about whether or not his rear brakes every locked up/heated up. I'm doing the 200sx rotor and maxima caliper conversion myself on my 72' 510. Just wondering if the increased residual pressure ever caused problems. I've upgraded to 280zx front brakes without any problems, so I'm asuming the rears will be ok as well. I'm also hoping I wont need to install a proportioning valve, though I will if they don't perform to my expectations. I'll continue browsing through rear disc conversion threads for
  3. Shit I should've snagged some sandwiches before I left work! We could hit dennys afterwards and be the loudest ones there lol. Or bring food there, either would be fine
  4. Elizabeth and I will be there, I also chatted with a dude that's got an orange 620 with yellow chevrons on the mirrors (Oregonhomeboy - he's seen you!) He said he'd show up.
  5. If that's how you feel, why did you even buy her a datsun?
  6. Sweet, gonna be a good time. Claire, if you're reading this you better drive the 210!
  7. Yeah guys let's meet soon. I don't work after 4:30 fri, sat and sun. Let's fucking meet!!! Saturday, the 18th, 7pm at the hunt center parking garage?
  8. Hey all, been a while since I've been on here. I got accepted into LCC's automotive program! Even if I don't make any cash, I love the friends I'm making, the work I'm doing, and the high job prospects and job security when I graduate. I haven't wanted to skip a day yet :P haha Which brings me to the main point of this post, I'm looking for an L20b head. We're rebuilding cylinder heads in class, and my teacher said he'd let me bring one in. He's a datto fan. I then plan on resurfacing it, check it for warpage, do a valve job and maybe port and polish. I'm looking for one ASAP, if you
  9. Following. I picked up a wheel at Canby... Gotta make sure I get the correct adapter now!
  10. Not me! I'm pretty sure I don't know any 510 owner that lives in Veneta...
  11. Alright didn't get pics of everyones truck because we stayed in pretty much the same formation, but Elizabeth got some good ones of Ian's and Jacob's! ^ Ratsun salute! ^ Colossal dragonfly decided my radiator was a good place to hang out All in all pretty good little meet! We'll have to plan out a cruise next time though before we just hop in and blaze off :P I'd be down to make fridays our meet days, but it sounds like some can't make it to fridays... Maybe we could alternate days bi-monthly or something. We'll figure it out! Next time I wil
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