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  1. PunkinThe710Wagon

    Frame rusted through, how similar are years on frames?

    its pretty bad. Id post pictures but I don't know how on here ha. It rusted completely through on the passenger side and was dragging under the truck then when I looked at it yesterday after I got it home the drivers side is barely hanging on with like a half inch of rusted metal. My boyfriend was saying that before he looked at it about patch panels but theres nothing really left to patch. The whole back crossbar is essentially gone and is tied up right now with rope so I could get it home from work. And under further inspection, its gonna need the whole ass end of the frame taken out and a less rust eaten one welded in. Its definitely gonna be a project. Boyfriend says hes about 98% sure its fixable, just gonna be a big project. Up closer to the cab is gonna need a patch on a rust spot too but that seems more salvageable. Unfortunately though I cant find any donor trucks on CL or junkyards to pull it from. Closest I can find is like 5hrs away and im not sure if its not just as rusted as the one I got ya know?
  2. PunkinThe710Wagon

    Frame rusted through, how similar are years on frames?

    ok yea its a king cab 2wd. 84 5spd everything else is good on him except the frame. So anything between 80-86 king cab wise that 2wd will work though?
  3. PunkinThe710Wagon

    Frame rusted through, how similar are years on frames?

    Who dat? I need some guidance with this ha
  4. PunkinThe710Wagon

    Frame rusted through, how similar are years on frames?

    ok thanks guys. I figured that hardbodies wouldn't work and that 4x4s wouldn't either but I wasn't sure on the years that were interchangeable on the 720s. So since its an 84 I should be able to put anything from 80-89 on there frame wise right?? Im still trying to actually find a parts truck ad having no luck at all in this state or even surrounding states. Hooray for driving a non popular truck in your state!! haha too bad im not all about rangers or I could have this fixed today seeing how theres about 5 bazillion of them around here ha
  5. 1984 2wd rear frame rusted through looking for patch panel and im wondering how similar the frames are between the different years in the 720s and into the 90s hardbodies. Any help?
  6. PunkinThe710Wagon

    Idaho canby caravan

    uggh I really want to go but I want the wagon to go too. I sure do love showing her off..
  7. PunkinThe710Wagon

    Finally got the stock wing

    Man, that's a cute car..:)
  8. PunkinThe710Wagon

    Idaho canby caravan

    pffft the panda car isn't a Datsun Neil.. although everyone thinks it is anyways so I guess it wouldn't matter. we'll just swap emblems for a couple days...
  9. PunkinThe710Wagon

    1977 710 wagon rear window crank

    Good to know, thanks! Finding parts for the 710 is difficult.
  10. PunkinThe710Wagon

    You know you own a Datsun when.............

    You know you own a datsun when your husband says, " Youre spoiling the boys club!" (making a ratsun account) ;) You know you own a Datsun when youve grown up around them and then fall in love with someone who owns them too<3
  11. Ill put some pics up tomorrow of the shirt prints and i also realized that i have a shit ton of UFO and five and dime issues too(as well as 510 again). all from the 80s. itd be cool for someone who wants em.
  12. my mom and step dad used to run 510 again when i was a kid and at some point it fizzled out, so i ended up with the screen print designs for shirts and some other stuff for it. Would someone be interested in buying this stuff? And is 510 again still around or currently being ran by anyone? just curious about opinions and info on it
  13. PunkinThe710Wagon

    1977 710 wagon rear window crank

    Hi, one of my window cranks in the back is busted and i need to find a new one, not having much luck online though. Anyone know of any websites to get one from or anyone have one they want to sell?

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