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  1. I’ll take the shims

    1. yenpit


      You need a set of the diff shims?  I like to send a PayPal invoice........what is your PayPal?



  2. looking for at least front lowering springs.
  3. I don't today, should have one monday when I take it off. Just your generic hatachi 2brl. Very clean.
  4. I'll be taking off my stock carb off my 71 510 this saturday, just rebuilt it, but I didn't soak it and I think it could use a soak, all gaskets and accel. pump are new. Being that my 510 only has 48k on it i'm assuming the carb is that milleage as well. Cut springs for front $25 Rebuilt and painted blue L20 standard pistons stock, no head just block and internals. Comes with new stock Cam and timing chain kit. oil pan gasket etc. box of extras. $450obo no rush to sell 1 cool blue head light for 240-280z $10 L16 block w/internals needs rebuild FREE located in Anacortes WA you
  5. thanks, still not what i'm looking for, i'm picky about wheels :blink:
  6. Thanks man, I don't know anyone thats on it more then me, lol. Thats where I found my 510's and supra and almost every car I own.
  7. I've got the stock wheels and hubcaps on my 510 and need something new. Looking for at least 14"-16" wheels that fit well. I like black mesh, 5 spokes, and old school looking rims. Post a picture and price, I'm in the seattle area.
  8. Can someone tell me exactly how much a 71 4dr 510 weighs, I don't have the info badge and need the weight. thanks in advance.
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