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    Beginning a transmission swap on an early 260, and only have 240 pedals to hand which do not fit the later widened pedal box. If anyone has a set to spare I'd appreciate the opportunity to purchase from you.


    Kenmore/Bothell, Washington - US

  2. Putting a 1600 Roadster back together, and one issue we've come across is that the fuel tank straps that suspend the tank in place are pretty worn out. Wasn't sure if replacements were obtainable, or if it were more worth coming up with a repair or fabrication solution? Any feedback or advice would be much appreciated!
  3. I am beginning to put my 1600 back together after a hiatus of a few years, and have trying to research examples of anyone who has modified (or modernized) a Roadster's sound system? To admit off the bat, I'm not all that knowledgeable about sound systems and installations in the first place, but my ideal setup would be to keep the stock AM radio in place while concealing a modern unit in mounted within the glove box. Speakers would either be implemented in the door panels (not sure if I want to tear into those) or behind the seats. I'm not looking to irritate a three mile radius of traffic
  4. Getting the Roadster back together.

  5. Because I'm the weird kid who sits in the corner listening to prog rock... So, yeah...
  6. Here's my only other vintage photo I can think of. This one came from some site about surfing at Byron Bay in Northeast Australia. The idea of stowing a longboard in a roadster (definitely looks like a 1500) while some tanned girl chats with you on the sun baked beach makes me smile.
  7. I don't really have a context behind this. I found it somewhere (maybe the 311s or some Alfa Romeo board some time ago), but thought it would belong here. The 311, GTV, and Z are all my dream cars, so I guess that's why I kept it.
  8. After months, finally took a pause to take some pictures of my 260...
  9. Something a little different than an Allied paint scheme. I'd love to see this done with J-tin.
  10. Hey thanks! I'll look into the hydraulic hose. If all else fails, then fuel hose with gear clamps it is!
  11. I've recently found that both oil cooler hoses on my Z are becoming very moist and are leaking through the hose material. I've been looking all over the place for replacements ranging from the local O'Reillys and Napa to Younkers Nissan in Renton. The internet hasn't turned nothing for me either except for generic looking hose without any of the metal connection pieces my stockhoses have. Then again trying to find anything relating to an autobox 260z seems to be like finding a needle in haystack. Anyway, would anyone here happen to know if its possible to obtain these hoses? One end screw
  12. Was Datsun-San, but got tired of that username fast...

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