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  1. Strange thing i just noticed and sent a question to them on.... They show the finished parts,, but not one single picture of molds.. Not even one


    The ad also states that there is no shipping on this item ,, local pick-up only.


    unless he updated his ad, the pictures of the molds are on there.... pictures 5 and 10... Here they are if you still cant see them. (PS this is not my auction, just trying to help out)




  2. Went into the mazda dealership over the weekend to buy the wife a car and saw this in the showroom:




    and it really reminded me of this:




    Come on Mazda.... Come up with ur own ideas

  3. Well got ahold of Les at CDM and got the flares ordered again. so maybe in about 4 weeks i should have my flares,....YES


    cOOL. What wheel set up are you gonna use? Im thinking that my 13X8 et4 wheels w/ 185/60r13s  arent gonna fill the fenders... I guess shimming is always an option

  4. This.....

    ok skimmed this long ass post. 


    I have the ultimate solution. 


     Seeing as your a broke ass mofo, you qualify for fafsa (student aid) 


     go to http://www.fafsa.ed.gov/ fill out 2013-2014


    Go to your nearest community college, Pay the $20-$50 enrollment fee, figure out how to get the maximum in loans, they will help you in counselors office.


    You will get about $2500 in cash for living expenses give or take every 3 months. You can keep a lame ass job for spending money. And in 2-4 years your future will no longer look so shitty. And in the 2-4 years when its time to pay back the loans you will be able to afford it with your new kick ass job. :)


    otherwise get used to where your at because thats your future. 


    I did this but without FAFSA, I qualified but decided to due it on my own. I took a couple classes in CAD, got an entry level job at $15/hr.....learned 3D CAD..... got a better job..... It just takes a little time and money and motivation.






    Or u can just get a rich girl pregnant.  

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  5. Oh, and one the previously posted pics is my car with the TE27 flares...   ^_^


    I thought that car looked familiar... the corolla fenders dont look bad.... but they dont look right either, I think if they were a little beefier it would make them look a lot better on a 1200, but they look great on te27s. I wish I would come across a stash of vintage 1200 flares, bobtails and front spoilers at a yard sale or something....

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