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  1. unless he updated his ad, the pictures of the molds are on there.... pictures 5 and 10... Here they are if you still cant see them. (PS this is not my auction, just trying to help out)
  2. oh lord jesus http://vimeo.com/64874022
  3. sounds familiar..... http://community.ratsun.net/topic/52770-datsun-510-vintage-wheels-auto-bahn/
  4. Bump for a 1200 in Riverside....any pics of the car Picture from the CL ad
  5. Those are def unused... No holes drilled in them. This is just how the guy sends them out.... No pride. I would be embarrassed
  6. I know this isnt a fender mirror thread but.....I like the fender mirrors....Vitaloni Sebring???? Can you confirm or deny? I also like the vitaloni californian
  7. WCC BUMBLE BEE - $22k http://orangecounty.craigslist.org/cto/3679030503.html
  8. Went into the mazda dealership over the weekend to buy the wife a car and saw this in the showroom: and it really reminded me of this: Come on Mazda.... Come up with ur own ideas
  9. Man I shouldve stuck with mechanical.... went into architectural instead :no:. Still get to do 3D from time to time
  10. man.... im gonna need some thick spacers just to get on your level (about 1.4").... 2" should do the trick, unless I wanna go with the VW narrowed beam look
  11. cOOL. What wheel set up are you gonna use? Im thinking that my 13X8 et4 wheels w/ 185/60r13s arent gonna fill the fenders... I guess shimming is always an option
  12. When I bought my 1200 a while back it came with a 'do it in a datsun' frame and an original Riverside Econo frame but i would still like one from my home town.... Do u have any Corona datsun frames? I saw one at a swapmeet/show a while back but it wasnt for sale
  13. yea that was it.....thanks. Too bad its not around anymore.
  14. This..... I did this but without FAFSA, I qualified but decided to due it on my own. I took a couple classes in CAD, got an entry level job at $15/hr.....learned 3D CAD..... got a better job..... It just takes a little time and money and motivation. Or u can just get a rich girl pregnant.
  15. didnt there used to be a 510 show and swapmeet in torrance a while back? is that still going on somewhere?
  16. One of those GX hoods would be SWEEET!
  17. Find a place that manufactures carbon fiber parts.... find the guy there that does side jobs on his free time .....hand him your part and a lot of money to make a mold. Let me know, so he can make me some too :rofl: Its been brought up before http://community.ratsun.net/topic/44003-carbon-fiber-hoods/
  18. 1970??? 1200 ute in Los Angeles :w00t: .....but its $16k :bye: http://losangeles.craigslist.org/sfv/cto/3624853692.html
  19. I cant believe i watched the whole video...... Twice....Dudes got some moves tho, and something tells me theres a little imbreeding goin on
  20. Look like TRD tosco or Cromodora wheels to me
  21. This truck sold on ebay in AZ and now this truck is for sale in Riverside now.... for $13k http://inlandempire.craigslist.org/cto/3606671315.html
  22. I thought that car looked familiar... the corolla fenders dont look bad.... but they dont look right either, I think if they were a little beefier it would make them look a lot better on a 1200, but they look great on te27s. I wish I would come across a stash of vintage 1200 flares, bobtails and front spoilers at a yard sale or something....
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