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    Datsun 1200 coupe (a12), Datsun 1200 coupe (13b), 1961 VW bug, 1991 Yota PU (DD)
  1. B-1-Juan-oh

    B210 Spoiler molds on Ebay

    unless he updated his ad, the pictures of the molds are on there.... pictures 5 and 10... Here they are if you still cant see them. (PS this is not my auction, just trying to help out)
  2. B-1-Juan-oh

    1200's unite!!!

  3. B-1-Juan-oh

    1200's unite!!!

    oh lord jesus http://vimeo.com/64874022
  4. B-1-Juan-oh

    auto bahn

    sounds familiar..... http://community.ratsun.net/topic/52770-datsun-510-vintage-wheels-auto-bahn/
  5. B-1-Juan-oh

    13 x 7 x 114 Libre Copies FS - LA CA

    Bump for a 1200 in Riverside....any pics of the car Picture from the CL ad
  6. B-1-Juan-oh

    Misinformation, look here to get the 411

    Those are def unused... No holes drilled in them. This is just how the guy sends them out.... No pride. I would be embarrassed
  7. B-1-Juan-oh

    Anybody try these flares on a Datsun 1200

    I know this isnt a fender mirror thread but.....I like the fender mirrors....Vitaloni Sebring???? Can you confirm or deny? I also like the vitaloni californian
  8. B-1-Juan-oh

    POST Craigslist ads here...

    WCC BUMBLE BEE - $22k http://orangecounty.craigslist.org/cto/3679030503.html
  9. B-1-Juan-oh

    1200's unite!!!

    Went into the mazda dealership over the weekend to buy the wife a car and saw this in the showroom: and it really reminded me of this: Come on Mazda.... Come up with ur own ideas
  10. B-1-Juan-oh

    3D Modeling

    Man I shouldve stuck with mechanical.... went into architectural instead :no:. Still get to do 3D from time to time
  11. B-1-Juan-oh

    Anybody try these flares on a Datsun 1200

    man.... im gonna need some thick spacers just to get on your level (about 1.4").... 2" should do the trick, unless I wanna go with the VW narrowed beam look
  12. B-1-Juan-oh

    Anybody try these flares on a Datsun 1200

    cOOL. What wheel set up are you gonna use? Im thinking that my 13X8 et4 wheels w/ 185/60r13s arent gonna fill the fenders... I guess shimming is always an option
  13. When I bought my 1200 a while back it came with a 'do it in a datsun' frame and an original Riverside Econo frame but i would still like one from my home town.... Do u have any Corona datsun frames? I saw one at a swapmeet/show a while back but it wasnt for sale

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