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  1. scooter

    1.4L race motor needs more ...

    ^ this! And thats alot better than my " port the fuck out of it" answer that some negative nancies dont like.
  2. scooter

    Upgrading B310 Suspension

    If you cant find zx, s12 works but you have to monkey with the receiver ring groove or use rca's that account for this.
  3. scooter

    1.4L race motor needs more ...

    Come to canada and say that to my face, bitch
  4. scooter

    1.4L race motor needs more ...

    Take the head apart and port the fuck out of it. Get harbour freight grinder. Then buy a cam and valve springs.. should make a big difference. 15 more hp in a gutted 1500 pound car is signifigant. If the car is properly caged skin all inner metal out if the car. Weight is ur enemy
  5. scooter

    Pinging on Acceleration.

    Hot spots in chambers due to sharp combustion chamber edge from surfacing. Boom.
  6. scooter

    L Series EFI Manifolds coming soon.

    That's good to know. I was wondering about the unported port size. The cannon intake I have is ported paper thin and I feel that it's still too small. I don't have a booster so that's fine, but if this intake shorter than the cannon one, that would be welcomed as my stack on cyl 4 is about a half inch away from the brake resivoirs.
  7. scooter

    spark plug for rebello built L "2150" B motor

    They do run a bit smoother with projected tip plugs, but can possibly ping more as well. I've gone to the extreme (ngk race plugs that are 11 heat range). Good nitrous plug but light throttle cruising or putting they foul up. I'm going to have a "street set" of plugs and "track day" ones this year.
  8. good morning gents, have any of you played with these gearsets? they are listed for the 71c "for sr20" in an s13 or s14. is the input shaft different than a ka trans? I thought it was just a bell swap to go from ka to SR. I'm asking because I have a 71c D21 trans in my car and I want to install either the straight cut dogbox kit for a 71c from ppg, or one of the 3 speed close ratio kits from os giken or kameari. if anyone has used these gears i'd like to know how it went before I order a set.
  9. scooter

    L20B big bore with low end torque

    I have custom 89mm pistons.... you could just use z22 pistons if you wanted to. or if u went custom pistons, there is a Mitsubishi rod that's really close to useable for a datto in 156 length if you want to turn your crank down to Honda/Mitsubishi journal size
  10. scooter

    L Series EFI Manifolds coming soon.

    I'd like to see some specs on these. Dyno results? I didn't even know about these either
  11. scooter

    L20B big bore with low end torque

    De shroud the valves where they come closest to the cylinder wall. Going to 89mm means you can take a lot of material out of there and you can gain a lot of airflow due to the fact that the valve isn't right tight to the chamber wall anymore. As for cranks, the z22 is good. Don't worry about it only being half balanced I have spun mine to 7500 lots and so has others in race motors. I have not seen any pictures of broken z22 cranks only ld28 cranks. I do have one of those fancy ATI balancers though as I was concerned about it shaking to death myself. Rebello is using a BHJ balancer on their race engines I've had a 75-100 shot of nitrous on the car as well and hasn't shown signs of distress. The more cc's you have, the more torque, hp you can potentially have. If you can get your hands on a z22 crank, run it!
  12. scooter

    California Clutch

    my flywheel is ground with a .005 step, which is pretty insignifigant. im using basically a ka 240sx clutch. 225mm stage 2 ACT pressure plate with a sprung 6 puck. i feel like the pedal is soft but it grips. if your in traffic on and off lots it does start to chatter when it gets hot, but it doesnt seem to lose grip. on drag slicks it doesnt seem to slip when i launch it either... 5500 rpm launches is doing some serious 60 foot times on the bottle. this clutch is rated to 400 ft/lbs and i believe it. milage wise.. well it Is a metallic clutch so I don't expect it to last super long but it has been in there for a few years now. if I could find the flywheel to run a 7.25 inch twin disc, it would be in the car.
  13. scooter

    dwarf race car with datsun rear axle.

    the toyota center sections fit in h165 housings and are the same spline axles, i wish i knew this before i took mine out. that would be great in a dwarf car. running a Nissan diff it will be harder to get gears compared to the Toyota center.
  14. scooter

    L Series EFI Manifolds coming soon.

    I like what your making. Another thing too is just making dcoe manifolds. From what I've seen the only twin weber manifold available new is the cannon one. My experiences with mine have been rather meh. I had to port the shit out of it and now it is paper thin. The nitrous nozzles are barely held in from anything and I'm scared to weld bungs on as its thin and cast aluminum. If you came up with a large runner Short length manifold to bolt up side drafts id be into that too. At this point at this kind of cost Is it even worth running 45 or larger carbs when you can just go efi with the previously thought up manifold.... Hmmm..
  15. scooter

    L Series EFI Manifolds coming soon.

    RIP carbs... sigh. I really wanna see a full on hardcore l series turbo efi build... cnc intake, full build lz23 with forged everything.. big ass borg warner turbo.... come on 500hp 4 cylinder L series haha

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