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    1977 620 KC Deluxe 5-speed Li'l Hustler
  1. And no, I won't be spraying the engine bay black, Datsun Mechanic, I am definitely more of the "stock" type. Like, I found myself Googling where get vintage-looking "trim-line" graphics my '77 KC came with (assuming I re-paint someday). That kind of owner.
  2. These are great ideas, everyone. Keep 'em coming! What are the things you WISHED you would have done while it was pulled?
  3. Hello folks, can you all help me create a list of things I should do while the engine and trans from my '77 5-speed KC 620 are out and up on a stand? I put in a new clutch (but I think the throwout bearing is the wrong height--who remembers what that is supposed to be, 225mm?), but that was by just dropping the tranny, and I would REALLY like to not repeat that process again. I think a main bearing inside the tranny is making a whooshing sound, so that's on my list, as is replacing the rear main seal on the engine. And hopefully figuring out the clutch issue--slave cylinder rod too long maybe. But while it's out what else should I do while I have convenient access to everything? I'd love to hear everyone's thoughts and thanks in advance for helping to get another KC out on the road again! Hovey from Albuquerque
  4. Yes, the sound goes away when the clutch is pushed in.... looking for a Dat-friendly shop that can rebuild it, any leads on Albuquerque-area techs?
  5. I'll check today, and hopefully get a video of the noise. Wayno, I think it does go away completely, so your transmission bearing theory sounds about right. Sadly.
  6. Dang, fast replies! Datzenmike, that makes sense, and given that it's been pretty cold here in New Mexico I might understand that it'd drag the engine down a bit, especially with just idling and no driving to warm the crankcase oil. But wayno, now I'm worried.... it hasn't been driven for 10 years, but I did flush and fill with the correct viscosity yellow-metal safe oil (differential too, and golly but that didn't take a LONG time to find the right oil). How pricey is bearing replacement on a 5-speed KC? Is that something a regular transmission shop could do or do I need to find a Datsun specialist? I know there's a regular Ratsun member lurking that has talked about seeking out "old mechanics in the Albuquerque area" but I don't find any of his posts now.... he might know where I could take it, if I can track him down! Is it possible to post links to Youtube clips in these forums? I'm wondering if I can get a good video of the sound it makes just so you can see/hear what I'm talking about, and if it's unusual or worrisome... I take my son to the DMV tomorrow to get his Learner's Permit, and this 620 will be his DD.... eventually. And not if I can let go of it once it's back on the road!
  7. I have a '77 Datsun KC 5-speed. I replaced the clutch, bearing and pilot bushing very recently, but am concerned about the noise it makes when in neutral and the clutch pedal is up. After putting in the correctly-lubricated new clutch, when I pushed the clutch all the way to the floor you could hear the bearing up against the fingers of the clutch plate (I think, or I really hope it wasn't the fingers being pushed against the springs on the clutch disc), so I adjusted it out as far as it could go, then just today I shortened the pushrod of the slave cylinder so there was a little play in the fork (previous teenage owners were suspect, seemed to in slap whatever they had access to on so it would run, including a plastic bottle "gastank" under the hood, for example, so an incorrect slave cylinder is not out of the question). I was hoping the noise was related (maybe not disengaging completely?) but it's still there. Here's as best I can describe it: When in neutral, I can push the pedal to the floor and shift easily throught the gears (less finger noise with a shortened pushrod but still there somewhat). When I let the pedal up I can hear more whirring/whooshing-like noise along with a drop in the engine idling speed, like the engine is under some kind of stress or pulling on something. Is there a break-in period for a new clutch and bearing? Will this noise and draw on the engine go away with time? What is pulling on the engine?! There is less than a mile on the new clutch but lots of idling time while checking other engine/running items (not on the road yet except for a few unregistered joyrides through the neighborhood, and am I wrong or have we ALL done that?!). Did Autozone sell me the wrong pressure plate/bearing combo (have read lots of threads on bearing collar height, matching pressure plate to bearings, etc.)? Just wondering if anyone has had the same issues. Thanks for your time and thoughts!
  8. hovdat


    Just wanted to bring it to 810 folks' attention since there was no model listed.... y'all have fun. Me, I'm back to my '77 620 KC restore....
  9. hovdat


    There was, as of yesterday, a 2-door coupe listed in the Midland, TX Craigslist. Find it by searching "datsun" and it's in an ad titled "Car for Sale". No money right now and no time for a trip/tow....

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