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  1. When I lived in Eureka,we had a grandmother with a Dodge 1 ton 4WD,crewcab that used it to haul her grand kids to school,& do grocery shopping.The also had a Chevy crew cab 4WD. We had another lady in our neighborhood who had a Ford 1 ton ,4WD crew cab long bed who used it to drive to work,& haul her (two) kids around. What a waste of money!
  2. I'm curious - What happens to a female who identifies as a male when they commit a serious crime & go to prison?Do the go to a male, or female prison? I'd think that if they were to be sent to a male one,that they would quickly "re - identify" as a female.
  3. Saw this at a shop that I go to,& it's for sale.I called to get an asking price,but nobody answered,so I left a message. Too bad it's an automatic.
  4. Every time I hear him talk,all I can think about is Peter Sellers in the movie "Being There".
  5. What about Giants? And I heard that the looters were offender by the Raiders.
  6. But that's not what the media say - they gush about all of "his" brilliant ideas & proposals & spending.
  7. BUT they're from the Government - They wouldn't be there if they didn't know what they're doing.
  8. Went for a drive today,& I noticed that it was kind of hazy here today. Turns out that it's smoke from the Western Wildfires. You out West can have it back.
  9. FreightcarAmerica takes $10 Million Government paycheck protection money, then moves to Mexico. Your tax dollars at work.http://youtu.be.com/watch?v=pmLcjIqtglw
  10. So....this is like Califormia - We ALL get a trophy?
  11. Took a small trip to see Graceland today. Elvis was there too (well,sort of).
  12. When I raced the Fiesta there,they had nighttime drag races. We stayed with some friends in their motorhome at the track.We were a little shocked when we noticed that the shut down area was unlit.
  13. She looks like she got hit by a truck.
  14. At the local British car club picnic today-
  15. At the local cars & coffee today.These two caught my eye.
  16. When do we get guns to go with the badges?
  17. Maybe he was truck shopping.Did you see him put a deposit on that truck?
  18. I raced there in '81 (Ford Fiesta Showroom Stock C).They let me run in GT5, as there weren't enough cars for the ex-Archer Brothers Renault LeCar to get points, so he paid my entry fee. The plan was to just go out for a few easy laps,& pull off the track.Another guy (Ken Fairly) did the same thing in GT4.Well,we both started passing a few of the back- markers,but pulled off the track after a few laps. The LeCar only finished 10 laps,so I could have won the class if I'd stayed out! There's only a few places to safely pass in a slower car,& horsepower really helps.
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