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  1. 7 hours ago, bananahamuck said:


    Thanks man, i been looking for a small dump bed type truck ( Datsun, baby ranger, )  for a year, and a friend sold this to me 


    It's a 66,, F350 dump bed,, but DOL girl licensed it as F450, which i don't think were even available that year.  Paid very small license tonnage fee, and won't ever have to pay anymore cuz it's farm use only.. Notice little sticker instead of plate,, but it is only "allowed" to be 25 miles or less from farm address. 


    Oh,, and one of the previous owners installed BUDD one piece wheels all the way around with 3 spares..  in  looking to see if the 17.5 tires are even available (fronts were heavily weather checked) ,,  i researched and found those are probably worth as much as vehicle.  






                    Check with Universal Tires.I bought a set of tires for my '60 Chevy Apache.

  2.             It's mainly the SOUTHERN Californians that want to change everything.

    Many of them sell their houses for obscene amounts of money,& then can afford

    the prime real estate when they move,then proceed to want to develop their new

    community,& make it like the one they came from.

               We had that problem when I lived in Eureka (CA).A couple would move up

    from SOCAL.Within about 6 months,the wife would whine & complain that they

    didn't have the shopping or night life like they did in SOCAL,& they would end up

    moving back.

              This is a big reason that a lot of the locals HATE Californians. 

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  3.            It used to be such a cool place.I used to pass through there to go to

    my Sister's place in Kalispell almost every year since '73.South of the freeway

    is still nice,but North of it reminds me of a city in Southern California. 

  4. 5 hours ago, john510 said:

    If i remember correctly it wasn't Brown that came up with the plan.Do Howard Jarvis and Paul Gann ring a bell ? Brown had nothing to do with it except for maybe signing it into law.That proposition was voted on by the citizens after Jarvis got the ball rolling.Jerry Brown can kiss my ass.


                      I miss those days when you could vote on things,& the majority ruled.

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  5. 1 hour ago, john510 said:

    Fortunately here in California we have Prop 13.And how that got passed is beyond me.It was a long time ago before the dictatorship got control.I'm paying about 1/3rd of what somebody would pay if i sold today.They can only raise it about 1.5% a year. In Cali they fixed the "shitbox" car registration fees.No more cheap ride.My 510 was about 20 bucks years ago and going down.Then Arnold stepped in and now its over $120.A good friend bought a Chevy diesel truck,registration was $850 bucks a year.He moved to Texas and now it's $60.


                   I've wondered why there isn't a lot more tax money collected by home sales.

    When a house (in CA) is sold,it isn't protected by Prop 13,& the taxes can more than


                  Actually,I remember when Arnold said he would lower the annual registration,

    & actually did.Our '60's cars all went down to $39/year.

                  Of course,that didn't last.Our '67 MGB GT would be at least $185/year,if I still

    lived in CA.

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