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  1. PrimeLuxeZ

    My damned s130

    Update 3/26/15 The car I cant get rid of. Nothing has happened actually except that i cleaned out the trash interior that was piled in the back. With the carpet foam. So Im thinking I may buy new seals for the turbo injectors I took off a turbo z awhile back and use them on the 280. And see how it runs. Also I need to wire up the 300zx seat to operate it and it needs to be bolted all the way down. Small steps for now.
  2. PrimeLuxeZ

    Pic's of your Z

    I literally just cleaned out the inside today. Come on motivation.
  3. PrimeLuxeZ

    My damned s130

    Thanks, So I also may just buy a new starter, or should I replace the relay. I have trouble with the starter not turning over all the time, And also a new battery or something with some good juice. So battery, Starter and relays. Do all 280zx have a slow throttle response, or could it be the vane air flow meter.
  4. PrimeLuxeZ

    My damned s130

    So much work has been done to her. I replaced the ignition coil, the fuel filter, man o man was it dirty, after seeing what came out of the fuel filter i may need to drop the tank and clean that out. I also added about a half tank of gas, and added a bottle of b-12, it helped out a lot. The car was smoking bad, but after the b-12 the car stopped smoking and had a little bit more power. But there is something causing it to sound like its misfiring a bit around 4500 rpm and above, I also think I heard the injectors clicking, Im debating if I should replace them or something. Also I may need a new thermostat, because I also flushed out all the coolant, and added new coolant. So now the car spits out the top rad hose from the thermostat housing, stuck thermostat right? Will be buying a spectra filter from Auto Zone because :thumbup: I work there. :applause And will be putting on the magnaflow muffler I have from when it was first on the 300zx. Thats pretty much it, Ill upload the photos later.
  5. PrimeLuxeZ

    POST Craigslist eBay ads here...

    1983 Nissan/Datsun 200sx - $2100 I freaking wish I had 2100. I would love to have a 200sx, I wonder if he'll trade for a internal organ. http://dallas.craigslist.org/dal/cto/4576579423.html 1977 Toyota Celica GT - $1600 (South Garland)Anyone like Celi's? http://dallas.craigslist.org/dal/cto/4565376721.html 1976 Datsun B210 Hatchback - $950 (Plano - 75075)Would be a very nice project http://dallas.craigslist.org/ndf/cto/4522879898.html 1980 DATSUN 720 BODY DROPPED , MINITRUCKAnyone want a lowered 720?? http://dallas.craigslist.org/dal/cto/4548169682.html 1983 Nissan/datsun 200sx - $2100Seems in mint condition http://dallas.craigslist.org/dal/cto/4505072578.html
  6. PrimeLuxeZ

    the new daily.

    What nooo. Well, what condition is the 510 in? I understand they are hard to come by but two z generations. I regret selling my 300zx all the time.
  7. PrimeLuxeZ

    My damned s130

    So I got it running today again, after so long waiting first time it ran since i replaced the injector connectors. But the car has issues turning on its own. I have to use starter fluid, and give it a jump. Im thinking the ground wire and the wires that go to the starter have to much resistance because the starter turns over really slowly. So hopefully more work will be done to the car.
  8. PrimeLuxeZ

    The Journey of a 16 Year Old's #ratlyfe S130

    I like what you have done to it so far, I had the rising sun on my old hood on my zx but not so nice as yours. Keep up the good work.
  9. PrimeLuxeZ

    the new daily.

    You lucky bastard, thats perfect. I would love to own all these.
  10. PrimeLuxeZ

    custom primer 1979 280zx

    FWD Gay, i cant say much since i drive a 6th gen celica. since i sold my z31. missing the RWD though.
  11. PrimeLuxeZ

    My damned s130

    Okay so I actually did something, not really I just want to get the car running on its own four, I have a list that I made of something I need that are necessary for it to run fine and some things I want to do to it. But I will post it tomorrow, a bit lazy today. But I do have two pics for the Datsun masters, I need help locating the positions where this one vacuum line goes to if its important at all. I think my dad blocked it off when he had it. On the second photo its the vacuum line where the white mark is I believe
  12. PrimeLuxeZ

    Powerless 280z

    Picture would help a bit.
  13. PrimeLuxeZ

    custom primer 1979 280zx

    Just like Ryoskatekov said it could be the alternator just going out slowly, or I was also thinking there could be maybe high resistance in the negative or positive side of the wiring from the alternator to the battery. Since high resistance uses up voltage like if it was a load. Here are a couple of tests you can run to check the resistance of the + and - side of the charging circuits Positive voltage drop test 1. Rev the engineto 1500 and 2000 holding it steady and apply a light electrical accessory load by turning the headlamps or heater blower fan on. 2. Set your dmm to DC voltage or voltmeter if it has a DC voltage reader ( if not just stop here) 3.Connect your Positive dmm lead to the output terminal or screw of the alternator 4.Connect your negative dmm lead to the positive battery terminal Test Results If your dmm or voltmeter reads less then 0.2 volts the positive wiring between the alternator and battery positive terminal had a good electrical connection. If it reads more then 0.2 volts there is high resistance between the alternator output terminal and the positive battery terminal. And if it reads source voltage which is either around 12 volts or 14 volts there is an open circuit between the two test points (most likely not you) Ground side voltage drop test 1. Rev the engine to 1500 to 2000 and hold steadly and apply light accessory load, headlight or heater blower fan. 2. Connect your negative lead to the alternator case (the alternator itself) 3.Connect your positive lead to the negative battery terminal Test results If your dmm or voltmeter reads less then 0.2 volts the alternator is properly grounded if your dmm or voltmeter reads more than 0.2 volts there is high resistance connection on the ground side of the charging circuit. This is just one test out of many, I hope it helps you a bit too see if the wiring connections are good and have no high resistance. If you do them let me know what the results are.
  14. PrimeLuxeZ

    280zx: thinking rat rod bosozoku style, and off i go

    I say go for your plans, and make it your own, overall I think with all you have planned itll look nice, just don't make it look too cluttered. But I always wondered how a 280zx would look with a windshield visor, so go for it. what wheels you plan on getting?
  15. PrimeLuxeZ

    New Member from So.Cal. scooped up a 260z

    Nice, cant wait to see more. I like the white too, gonna keep it white?

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