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  1. jose

    Problems with my Z22 swap....HELP!

    Dos any one have a wiring diagram for the z22 win swapping to a signal starter coil dos that make any scents
  2. jose

    sound proofing

    did that tar paper work what did you but over it
  3. jose

    "Ratsun" copyrighted?

    do any one have a high quality ratsun head i would like to mack a vinyl cut out for my 620 wind shield
  4. jose


    I was wondering if any on head a good quality pic of the ratsun head I would like to make a stencil out of it if for my 620 that
  5. YES 12 VOLTS check the distributor module wires are plugged in. Black wire to ground, Black/White wire 12 volts in on position, Brown wire to exhaust coil, and White/Yellow wire to Intake coil. NO VOLTAGE connect to a switched ignition source. You wouldn’t have a diagram I need to see it. i think that were i have it wrong How do I time the distributor? It turns over I have fuel, and spark it just wont start
  6. What exactly do I have to do to get a LZ22? I put a z22 in my 620 but I can

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