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  1. Im not saying that Libres in general are scabby Im just saying these particular ones did not look as good as the car itself.
  2. I seen an Orange 510 at the Ice Cream Cruise In Omaha last week. It was clean except for the scabby ancient wheels on it. Only one 510 out of the thousands of cars that showed up. But there were a lot of nice z cars. But they don't tickle my fancy like the dimes do. Hopefully next year there will be one more dime there.... Mine.
  3. :crying: I want it. Damn you mortgage, bills, and family! :yawn:
  4. I think I may have got my answer...??? I was referring to the worm gear.
  5. Does anyone know if an oil pump drive ring from a 240z will work on my L16?
  6. This is all for a 72 510 L16 4spd .It would almost be easier to list what I have and fill in the blanks but this is what I'm looking for. Fuel pump and cam lobe Got it_water pump water pump pully crank pully oil pump drive ring Got it_oil pump drive rod alternator bracket Got it_drive shaft Got it_oil pump tranny crossmember Got it_exhuast manifold or header That's all I can think of at the moment.
  7. i might be interested in the one for 20 got pics?
  8. Bare except for valves, and springs. Rebuilt or not (preferably not) doesn't really matter. Don't need cam or rockers.
  9. I'm looking for a stock L16 head.
  10. Naw I move it, I got more stuff I need. I'll put it up when the $time$ is right. The 210 head doesn't have the funky exhaust ports does it? I'm definitely keeping the cam though. :hyper:
  11. Ok then does anyone have an L16 head they want to trade for an L20 head? Or perhaps just sell str8 up?
  12. Oh my god well I guess I could always just put in a hamster wheel instead of an engine. :w00t:
  13. I know but it's all I got.
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