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  1. Just throwing it out there, as I know you limited on people but i had 3 people help my lift my cabin off (1 at the core support & 2 at each corner of the cab by the rear window) but that was completely gutted. No doors, hood, fenders, glass, etc, you get the point. Also didn’t have the motor or transmission as well so didn’t have to lift it as high. Hope that helps. & don’t forget the steering column, very important when removing the cabin.
  2. So i don’t have a 5 speed but i do have a 4 speed you can have. But i have an L18 with 1500 miles on it, KA24E oil pump, L20B matchbox distributor, long tube & shorty headers & more. Can bundle if your interested.
  3. It’s been a while since i’ve been on here but my (i believe factory) mudflaps look like this, a bit beat up from hitting the shackle from being slammed.
  4. So I finished my 5 speed swap!!!! Don't have TOO many pics but i'll take some more when I do my oil change but here are these for now. 5 Speed LEFT & 4 Speed RIGHT MOST 521's (including mine) came with a 4 Speed like this one. But what's a bit different with mine is that my friend had gave me his 520 driveshaft (single piece) & I then removed this tail end flange? to make the single piece slid right in. Tip: I highly recommend cutting the treads when using a single piece because the driveshaft will sit very very close to the trans & it is very hard to bolt on the rear. Well for me anyways probably because jam low Other then moding the trans bracket, swapping bell housings, pulling the motor forward to mate the trans, it was a fairly easy process. Everything bolted up just fine. Engine to trans, trans to driveshaft, & driveshaft to rear axle. Stick shift is still in the same spot but just tilted a bit closer to the bench & I did NOT need to cut the driveshaft to make the it fit, same exact size as the 4 Speed minus the FLANGE!
  5. Okay so first i would like to say I have bad & good news Bad News: My tail light broke on Monday night. :bye: I was just driving straight down the road, which wasn't really bumpy at all, but its just fell off. But the good news is that Konig209 has sent a tail light my way :thumbup: So all you 521 owners make sure your tail lights are tight, specially if you are lowered because 521 tail lights are VERY hard to get ahold of!!! So now for the actual good news that I wanted to tell you people. Iam back in action for my 5 Speed swap & all thanks to nis720 !! New trans is on the RIGHT: FS5W71B (SHORT) from a 86 720 New trans with speedo Old trans that i tried making a speedo slot that probably would've worked if i took my time instead of rushing Old LEFT New RIGHT Measuring at 26" So all I need to do is swap out the bell housings, pull the old trans & mod the stock trans mount More pics to come so stay tuned!
  6. it was mainly a joke between my friends and I because they know i will want to go faster & they think its dumb cause i haven't up graded my brakes yet haha. now get it? if not its okay.
  7. true because 5th gear is now overdrive but technically i'll go faster cause i have another gear before over drive & also my friends just told me that because i have a bit of a heavy foot
  8. 2 questions: 1st everything is fine with it? 2nd is it for sale?
  9. PS: All my friends are saying to do my discs brakes first, because since i'll have another gear i'll want to go even faster :D So this post might be delayed some. Sorry everyone :hmm:
  10. haha yea it was a phase when i got the titan wheels haha, they're sold already. & the bed, previous one had holes & a bad hit on the driver rear so i then picked up this one local for $50 bucks & the bed LOOKS worst then what it really is. & thanks! After reading your post i won't even bother to install the transmission then. So i'll just have to look for another short tail trans with the speedo slot open. BUT, once i get the trans i will proceed with this write up & at least people know now that it does have that gear for the speedo.
  11. ALSO i found out its not a true 85 because it does not have the upgraded bearing but oh well at least i'll have a 5 speed. .... or I at least hope so haha.
  12. With this tool (Not sure of the name but i call it a stepper?)
  13. yea that would work but i would like a working speedometer yea I've seen it when i took it apart & i have good news!! IT HAS ONE!!!! &&&& ITS METAL!! :w00t: :thumbup: B) :frantics: :rolleyes: :lol: :D :) :sweat: :hyper: :fu: thank you, thank you! well I got overly excited & started drilling since i found out that it has the gear on the mainshaft so to late for that :hmm:
  14. Okay so on with the topic haha So a while back I picked up a 1985 720 4x4 transmission for my 5 speed swap, BUT the big mistake was when I finally got home & cleaned it up I ran into this problem. There's the speedo slot but no hole :confused: So I looked up the trucks vin that I took the trans off of & it said it was a 2WD but it was clearly converted to a 4x4 because it had the 4x4 set up. It totally slipped my mind because the trans was sooo easy to get to since someone already took the motor. (It was only hanging on 1 bolt from the exhaust :lol:) ANYWAYS now I know that 2WD short trans has the speedo slot open & the 4x4 shot trans does not because the speedo is attached to the transfer case :no: So I then asked a Ratsun member if he thinks that there's a speedo drive gear on the main shaft even though is not opened. He had said no because there's not point in putting it, if it doesn't get use, which i thought made total since. Then I asked if it's even possible to put a speedo drive gear on the shaft & he said he doesn't think so. He just said try looking for a 2wd 720 short trans. So after all that I was pretty bummed but then I thought to myself, what if I just take off a speedo drive gear from a transmission I have & then drill out the hole & BOOM I have a trans with a speedo now right? What do you guys think? For the people that don't know what iam talking about it's the plastic gear on the main shaft to the far right in the picture below: Also Iam sorry for not saying the correct term but I now call it the Speedo Drive Gear :lol:
  15. Hello Ratsuners! I would first like to say that I've been on this forum for quite sometime now & would like to say that A LOT of this information has been VERY helpful! So thank you to all Ratsun Members! I just wanted to talk to you guys about the 720 4x4 transmission but before I do that I would like for you guys to check out my truck from owning it for 2 years & some months now. (This will be my proper introductions even though I've been on her for a while) WARNING: Pictures Were Taken With Cell Phone Camera, So Please Excuse Some of the Qualities & Enjoy! When I first got her :w00t: New Wheels: 2004 Nissan Titan 17x7.5 +30 225/45 1/2 inch Spacers up Front & 1 inch Spacer in the Rear Lowered torsion bolts all the way, 4 inch blocks, 1 leaf removed & flipped the overload ^^^^^ Even height only because I had a bed full of records & a table ^^^^^ New Wheels Again: Enkei 15x8.5 -34 195/50 ZERO SPACERS!! Lowered S'more: Torsions bolts max with only 1 nut & removed the other nut & washer (if you know your datsun you should know what iam talking about). Reindex 2 Splines & Ford Pinto shocks up front. Rear stil has 4 inch blocks, 1 leaf pulled & overload flipped but also has 3 leafs cut that act like a block to go even lower. (will post a picture soon.) Engine Shots & Last picture with my friends 620 KC So thats my truck Daisy. What it has: L18 with W53 Peanut Head & DATSUN 1600 valve cover 32/36 DGEV Weber Carb Glass Fuel Filter 240z Alt KA24E Oil Pump Champion Radiator with E-Fan "Grey Goose" Coolant Reservoir Front & Rear Markers Deleted & Japanese Style Markers Added
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